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COR32.US28 Coordinator

COR32.US28 Coordinator | Image 1
Finishes: US28 Silver
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COR32.US28 Coordinator

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COR32.US28 (Opening Widths 864mm - 1321mm) 

COR Series Stop Applied Bar Coordinator. Silver.

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COR series coordinators are designed for use on pairs of single action doors where leaves must close in the correct order. This type of door arrangement is often referred to as a rebated pair of doors.

Astragals must be applied to pull side of active leaf, since placing the astragal on the inside of the inactive leaf will interfere with the active door closing.

typical rebated door arrangement - relcross door controls®

The rebate may be a part of the door construction (commonly found on pairs of timber doors) or it may be a ‘plant-on’ rebate or ‘astragal’ introduced as a lock protector or a weather strip. In each instance, in order to effect correct door control, it is necessary always to ensure that the active leaf (or first opening leaf) is the second leaf to close.

  • Coordinators are designed for use on pairs of doors when one door needs to close before the other
  • The active door lever, located nearest to the active stop, holds the active door open until the trigger mechanism is released by the closing of the inactive leaf
  • COR units may not function correctly with swing clear hinges
  • Equipped with an adjustable override feature which allows the active door to close under extreme pressure
  • Compatible with Flush Bolts
  • Available in five sizes for variable door opening widths
  • Where the does not cover the entire length of the stop, a FL filler bar can be provided to maintain architecturally clean lines
  • Aluminium construction
  • Optional Filler Bars: FL20 @ 508mm, FL32 @ 813mm & FL44 @ 1118mm are available to maintain clean lines where the does COR channel not cover the entire length of the stop
  • Optional CB1.USP Carry Bar. Primed for Painting: Carry bars are a necessary part of any specification including coordinators - where it is possible to open the inactive leaf before the active leaf
  • Optional Mounting Brackets available: MB1, MB2, MB1F, MB2F and MB3F for other stop applied hardware


Best suited to heavy duty situations on perimeter and internal doors where security is important.

Coordinators should be specified for use on all rebated pairs of doors where door closers are controlling both leaves and where it is possible to open either leaf independently or both leaves simultaneously. Doors of this type, not controlled with coordinators, have the potential to close in the incorrect order, leaving one door slightly ajar and (usually) both doors insecure (i.e. unlocked). In particular, exterior (or perimeter) doors, fitted with escape hardware, are vulnerable if they double as access control doors and are necessarily equipped with door closers*.

* Doors fitted with surface overhead door closers require special attention ensuring that the two types of hardware do not clash or impede one another in their normal operation.

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