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The specification and distribution of exceptional quality door hardware systems and solutions has been our business for over forty successful years. Hardware products selected for a particular door are very often selected from different sources. This is a perfectly acceptable practice provided it is remembered that, where any two items have to work together, they must be compatible. If they are not, the system will be very likely to fail and the problem of having to establish supplier responsibility will be costly and time consuming. relcross door controls® offers a complete range of compatible hardware products from which a properly matched successful door package can be selected with total confidence.

Performance | Strength | Versatility

The relcross door controls® range of door hardware has been chosen not just because it will outlast and outperform anything available on the market but also because it can be used successfully with other building management systems.

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relcross door controls® offers a free technical specification and advisory service to assist you in the correct choice of equipment.
We keep substantial stocks of most products. Our team of trained specifiers will discuss problems, offer guidance, make recommendations and, most importantly, help on site* if difficulties should occur.

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For help and advice please call us on 01380 729600, email e: or complete the 'Make an Enquiry' form at the foot of this page. relcross door controls® has developed a range of solutions to rival any currently available on the UK market. We employ professional technical consultants capable of supporting some of the most sophisticated (and often simple) solutions.

Door Controls | Our Philosophy

Door Control products from Relcross provide solutions to just about every commercial door control situation that may arise. Our door control products encompass a wide variety of types from door holders, coordinators & door closers through to low energy automatic operators. Door control products are specified widely for use on commercial and public buildings to ensure security, fire and life safety obligations are addressed.

Door Closers -

The most common specification (a legal requirement) is for use on fire and smoke control doors. Door closers are also a vital part of any access control installation since doors must close and re-lock after every authorized operation - often used in conjunction with electro-magnetic locks and electric strikes.

Door Holders & Coordinators -

Door controls of this type are often ignored at the specification stage but will provide a complete solution at exposed doors (door holders) and a pairs of rebated fire/security doors (coordinators).

Door Control Products - Adding value

Door control products have been our business for over forty years. During this time we have provided specifiers, designers, architectural ironmongers, contractors and end users with quality door control solutions backed by a sound understanding of applications, design, performance and certification requirements. We will consider any and all potential scenarios - however complex you may believe them to be. Often, it is a subject we have addressed previously and one for which we may have available a tried and tested solution.

Door Control Products - Where are we used?

Typically Relcross door control products are specified and installed in demanding situations where precise and accurate door control is a minimum requirement. Often, we step in where other products have failed to make the grade. Doors, particularly in public areas, can be subject to extreme use and abuse over tens of thousands of cycles. With the LCN 4000 series heavy duty door closer in our armoury we can specify the ultimate in mechanical door control, with confidence, knowing it will outperform and outlast all comparable products on the market anywhere in the world.

Door Control Design - A Powerful Case for Cast Iron

There is no better material for a door closer than cast iron. The manufacturing process may be difficult (which is why just about every other closer manufacturer has turned to aluminium) but the end product lasts for decades. Since internal wear and tear is negligible, even after extreme usage, regular re-adjustment of control valves and spring power is not necessary. The closing power and control generated within LCN's closers is transferred to the door through forged steel arms. Forged steel arms have considerably greater strength than stamped steel or similar alternative materials. LCN forged steel pinions have larger, stronger teeth and are double heat treated for the greatest possible strength on the shaft. Heat treating makes the pinion harder and better able to resist wear after years of service and results in less stress on the cylinder.

A special formula hydraulic fluid is used that acts as an insulator to keep closer components working smoothly. This unique all weather, fire resistant hydraulic fluid eliminates the need for seasonal adjustments. Further, many closer manufacturers use inexpensive oil tempered springs but we know that such a spring can lose up to 20% of its power after a few thousand cycles. The chrome silicone springs used in our closers have the strength to perform beyond 10 million cycles.


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