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412_RL, 430_MRL & 430_RL Automatic Door Bottoms

412_RL, 430_MRL & 430_RL Automatic Door Bottoms | Image 1
MPN: 412_RL, 430_MRL & 430_RL
Finishes: B, C, D, GS
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412_RL, 430_MRL & 430_RL Automatic Door Bottoms | Image 2
412_RL, 430_MRL & 430_RL Automatic Door Bottoms | Image 3
412_RL, 430_MRL & 430_RL Automatic Door Bottoms

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  • Product Description
  • Installation and Technical Information
Automatic door bottoms consist of an aluminium case which surrounds a movable drop bar seal. The drop bar seal is actuated by a plunger which contacts the jamb as the door is closing, forcing the drop bar seal down against the floor or threshold.

  • When the plunger contacts the jamb, the drop bar seal actuates from the hinge side first allowing multiple compression points.
  • The plunger requires low "FeatherTouch" closing force to actuate the drop bar seal. The "L" at the end of all product numbers stands for Low Closing Force
  • End plates are provided for all mounting applications
  • Available in sizes ranging from 457mm to 1829mm
  • All Pemko automatic door bottoms are provided net length
  • Stock length automatic door bottoms can be trimmed as much as 50mm

Drop-Bar Seal Actuation

The drop bar mechanism prevents the seal from skidding along the floor/threshold while the door is being closed.

Click here and rotate the image to view the activation sequence.

Important Drop Bar Information

Drop seals of all types are designed to close a uniform size gap. Pemko drop seals can seal up to 19mm gaps, provided the gap is consistent. Gaps that start at less than 19mm and then grow cannot be closed. The drop seal utilizes a straight aluminium extrusion so it cannot close an inconsistent gap.





B (Mill Finish Extruded Bronze[Brass]) C (Clear Anodized) D (Dark Bronze Anodized) G (Gold Anodized) S (Cladded Stainless Steel)


Pemko - Door Bottoms

For disabled people to have independent access through single or double swing doors, the opening force, when measured at the leading edge of the door must not exceed 30N between 0º and 30º from closed and 22.5N thence until 60º. It is likely that this performance requirement might not be achievable for some locations where closer forces and the influence of seals used for smoke sealing or acoustic performance requirements will add to operating forces.

We provide an extensive range of threshold drop seals that may be used for smoke sealing purposes (where the under door gap
exceeds 3mm) or for sound attenuating, light tight or other performance requirements. All our threshold drop seals incorporate Pemko’s patented low friction ‘Feather Touch’ technology resulting in minimal operating forces.

Optimum performance is achieved when the seal is adjusted to grip a 50-70 gsm piece of paper that can be withdrawn without tearing. Unless otherwise specified, the seal element consists of a closed cell sponge neoprene insert to Pemko’s patented ‘tri-fin’ design. The seal maintains pliability down to -70°F. The sealing element benefits from good ‘memory’ and durability characteristics. Other seal element options are available where specified.

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