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ACC1 - Auto Equalizer Controller (PS01)

ACC1 - Auto Equalizer Controller (PS01) | Image 1
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ACC1 - Auto Equalizer Controller (PS01)

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Auto Equalizer Controller (PS01)

This continuously rated power supply accommodates FSE & FS electrified locks used in access control systems and FS electrified locks used on escape routes.

NB - photo shows the ACC2. The ACC1 contains one air valve only

ACC series Auto Equalizer controllers provide the requisite number of electrically controlled pneumatic circuits to suit the system to be controlled.

For example, a one door system (i.e. one single door or one pair of doors) will contain one switched valve - controlling air flow to the Auto Equalizer. System timing is performed by the controller. Each pneumatic circuit is adjusted for a hold open time, normally up to 30 seconds although this can be increased at order placement if required.

The ACC is a necessary component part when ordering any of the following:

4811.US28 Auto Equalizer

4822.US28 Auto Equalizer

4841.US28 Auto Equalizer

Air pressure regulation and filtration is performed at the compressor.

Pneumatic connections use standard push-in fittings and tubing leading in turn from the compressor, to the ACC controller, to the Auto Equalizer.  A package of push-in tee, Y and in-line connectors can be supplied with each controller to simplify installations.

  • Continuously rated – The output current is continuously drawn from the power supply under specified conditions
  • Voltage regulated to correct output for battery charging – All power supplies will maintain an output voltage to within specified limits under varying conditions of input line and output load
  • Output is current regulated – If overloaded, output shuts down until cleared
  • Fused – Protects batteries (if fitted) from overload
  • Metal enclosure with 20mm conduit knockouts – For ease of installation
  • Relcross compressors are capable of providing pressures up to 120 psi
  • Relcross controllers operate at between 80 psi minimum to 100 psi maximum
  • Regulated air output, up to 80 psi, is required for Auto Equalizers
  • Auto Equalizers require approximately 14 litres per minute airflow in heavy traffic situations
  • Cabinet dimensions in mm: 325H * 255W * 90D

All ACC controllers incorporate the PS01 12Vdc 2 Amp power supply and can power miscellaneous access control accessories used in Auto Equalizer systems.

Guarantee 2 Years 

Relcross ACC Auto Equalizer Controllers

Custom built controllers can be designed to accommodate multiple door systems. There is no restriction on the number of doors within an Auto Equalizer system although it should be borne in mind that the compressor capacity must be chosen carefully to suit the necessary number of doors and expected traffic levels.

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