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DFA127 Automatic Operator

DFA127 Automatic Operator | Image 1
Finishes: Silver w. Matching Arm
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DFA127 Automatic Operator

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  • Product Description
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Record DFA127 – the Universal Automatic Drive System for Swing Doors

Configurable Low Energy and Full Power Door Operator (Mains Powered) - Transom Mounted Pull and Push Side Mounting*. Silver w. Matching Arm.

*preferred mounting application dictates the arm choice (see below) 

Independently tested in excess of 1M full load cycles.

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  • The Record DFA127 is defined by its flexibility, compact design and smoothness of operation - all backed by proven technology and outstanding after sales support
  • The Record DFA127 provides immediate and adjustable closing power between sizes EN4 - EN6 and barrier free access for the elderly and/or infirm. It behaves just like a conventional overhead closer when power is not present
  • The Record DFA127 is a fire rated solution and is compatible with a number of different manufacturers' profiles. Please refer to the sales office for specific details. Also, see below for a summary of available fire certification
  • The Record DFA127 has many variants: for pairs of doors (with or without master/slave operation), integrated sequential closing control for rebated pairs of fire doors and interlock functionality for single leaf doors amongst others. It is practically silent in operation <45dB

Low Energy or Powered set-up is configurable using the BDE-D Control Panel (Electronic Programme Selector). Care should be taken at the specification stage to ensure all necessary compliance is maintained. See the Relcross Door Controls Document - Low Energy & Power Operated Automatic Swing Doors - System Compliance.

Mounting Applications

Power is transferred from the drive to the door via the arm which is either an articulated arm for transom mounted, push side applications or a track arm for transom mounted, pull side applications. Varying reveal depths are accommodated using different length arms for transom mounted push side applications only. Variable mounting heights are accommodated using optional axis extension pieces for both application types (35mm, 50mm, 65mm & 80mm).

See the Record DFA127 Catalogue for more detail.

              Standard (Articulated) Arm | SG1 - SG3                                                                Track (Slide) Arm - GG

        Reveal Depth X = 0 - 300mm                                                                                      Reveal Depth X = +/- 10mm

Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 85mm H x 124mm D x 600mm L
Clearance - >110mm (push side) | >130mm (pull side) 
Power Size - EN4 to EN6 (adjustable)
Opening Time -  3s to 20s (adjustable)
Closing Time - 5s to 20s (adjustable)
Opening Angle - 70° minimum to 115° maximum
Mains Power -  230Vac, 50/60 Hz (13A switched fused spur <1000mm distant)
Rated Power - 67W
Consumption (Standby Mode) - 13W
Battery Back-Up (Optional) - <800 operations or <24 hours hold open
IP Rating - IP20, do not use externally (outward opening perimeter doors will require additional protection)
Maintenance - 100,000 cycles or 60 weeks if cycles are not exceeded

The DFA127 will accommodate free swinging doors <500 kilos @ 600mm wide & <100 kilos @ 1400mm wide (irrespective of arm type). This is a sliding scale - if in doubt, please consult the sales office - 

UK Fire Certification in accordance with BS476: 22 and EN 1634-1 (fully insulated timber or mineral composite doorsets up to 120 minutes, fully insulated steel based doorsets up to 120 minutes and uninsulated steel based doorsets up to 240 minutes) - WF No. 335458 refers


Record DFA127 Series Automatic Swing Door Operators

The Record DFA127 is the only swing door operator you will ever need.

Electromechanical Automatic Operators - Designed for doors primarily where regular automation is desired but where able bodied users may operate the door manually.

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