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R.5F_/R.5FMR_ ** & R.75F/R.75FMR_ ** Modular Ramp Assemblies

R.5F_/R.5FMR_ ** &  R.75F/R.75FMR_ ** Modular Ramp Assemblies | Image 1
MPN: R.5F_/R.5FMR_ ** & R.75F/R.75FMR_ **
Finishes: A, AK
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R.5F_/R.5FMR_ ** &  R.75F/R.75FMR_ ** Modular Ramp Assemblies | Image 2
R.5F_/R.5FMR_ ** & R.75F/R.75FMR_ ** Modular Ramp Assemblies

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  • Product Description
  • Installation and Technical Information
Ramp thresholds are often used to allow safe movement (most often via wheelchair access) between offset floor conditions. These shapes are designed to meet the requirements for accessibility.
  • Ramp assemblies comprise interlocking components, eliminating the need to weld joints. These assemblies can be configured to accommodate changes in floor conditions from 13mm to 57mm
  • Assemblies accommodate 13mm to 57mm floor offsets in meeting the 1:12 slope requirements of the ADA in North America and the Equality Act 2010 in the United Kingdom. Higher offsets can be accommodated by using the risers, RAMP13_ and RAMP14_
  • We recommend our specially designed Mitre Returns.
    - MR in a product number denotes that one pair (or set) of mitre returns (and mitre return extenders, if applicable) are included. Otherwise, we recommend filling and feathering the threshold ends with grout. Do not leave threshold ends open.
  • Mitre Returns are available for offsets up to 57mm
  • Assemblies are supplied with #10 stainless steel wood screws. Stainless steel machine screws and expansion shields are available at an extra cost. Assemblies allow for custom fabrication (i.e. notching, side access extensions, etc.); please consult relcross door controls®
  • Assemblies are provided NET length.

13mm Floor Offset
R.5F_ & R.5FMR_ **

19mm Floor Offset
R.75F & R.75FMR_ **


A (Mill Finish Aluminum) AK (Mill Finish Aluminum with Pemkote™ Non-Slip Coating)


Pemko - Modular Ramp Systems

The term ‘Access’ generally means the ease with which users can enter and circulate around a building, with due regard to other performance requirements e.g. security and fire protection. In particular, access should be provided for both ambulant and wheelchair-bound persons.

We offer a wide range of saddles, thresholds and ramps that satisfy the requirements of Document ‘M’. Designers should refer
to BS 8300:2009+A1:2010 Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people. Code of practice - and also Approved Document M - Access to & Use of Buildings 2004, incorporating Revisions 2010 & 2013.

Ramp options include modular systems that can be assembled to suit virtually any length of ramp. Our 'Fire Retardant Rubber Ramp System' incorporates anti-slip features to the satisfaction of the demanding Underwriters Laboratories standard for safety UL410 and meets the requirements of US standards ASTM D 2047 and Federal Specifiation P-F-430C.

Doors are typically the weakest link in any partition designed to have acoustic sealing properties. Astragals, perimeter gasketing, drop seals and door sweeps can all be used to prevent sound from leaking through cracks around the door perimeter.

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