Modular Ramps

257, 257 x 259_ & 259_ / R.5F_, R.75F_, R1F_, R1.25F_, R1.5F_, R1.75F_ & R2F_  / R.5OS_, R.75OS_, R1OS_, R1.25OS_, R1.5OS_, R1.75OS_ & R2OS_ / R.5OSS_, R.75OSS_, R1OSS_, R1.25OSS_, R1.5OSS_, R1.75OSS_ & R2OSS_ / SBR1F, SBR.5F (RR1) & RR2

Modular Ramps

Flush Applications, Offset Applications, Barrier Free Ramp Thresholds and Rubber Ramps

The Aluminium Modular Ramp and Threshold system can be assembled to meet any going length with a gradient of 1:12 to
the satisfaction of Approved Document ‘M’ for wheelchair disabled users of a building.

This patented modular system is highly versatile with numerous interlocking components to suit floor offsets (drops) of 12.7 mm -
57.2mm. Floor offsets in excess of 57.2mm can be accommodated by use of optional riser components. The system may be
finished by using feathered grout at the ramp/threshold ends. Alternatively an aesthetically pleasing finished appearance can be
achieved by using system mitred trim (wings) and wing extensions.

The ‘environmentally friendly’ Rubber Ramp unit is manufactured from 100% recycled rubber tyres. The unique Pemko exclusive ‘Diamond Waffle’ pattern is moulded into the ramp face providing for enhanced skid resistance when tested to Underwriters Laboratories test UL 410 (Slip Resistance Floor Materials) to the satisfaction of United States standards ASTM D2047 and Federal Specifications P-F-430C.

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