COR Coordinators & Accessories

COR32/42/52/60/72.US28, CB1.US26D, FL20/32/44.US28, MB1/MB2/MB3.US28 

COR Coordinators & Accessories

COR Series

Unlike traditional drop-arm (or gravity) door coordinators all COR series coordinators are ‘Bar’ type coordinators - where the mechanism is concealed within a full length channel and fixed to the underside of the stop on the push side face of a pair of doors.

All COR units function easily. The active leaf lever, located nearest to the active leaf jamb, holds the active leaf ajar until this lever is released by the closing of the inactive leaf against the trigger mechanism.

At this point the inactive leaf has necessarily passed the potential obstruction posed by the active leaf during its closing arc - the active leaf cannot now close before it.

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