Astragals & Meeting Stile Seals


Astragals & Meeting Stile Seals

An Astragal is used to seal the gap at the leading edge between a pair of door leaves. The pair can have 'plain' or 'rebated' meeting stiles - the design and suitability of the Astragal will vary accordingly between the two options.  Astragals on external pairs of outward opening doors are commonly overlapping Astragals which have a dual function of protecting against weather and providing security as a lock guard. On internal doors Astragals provide protection against smoke ingress aswell as providing additional security on locked doors.

Doors are typically the weakest link in any partition designed to have acoustic sealing properties. Astragals, perimeter gasketing, drop seals and door sweeps can all be used to prevent sound from leaking through cracks around the door perimeter.

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