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Weather sealing will only apply generally to external doors where the degree of sealing required will be determined by the doorset location and the extent to which it is exposed to external climatic conditions. Doorsets located in protected external locations will generally require a lower level of sealing than exposed external doors that are subjected to high wind pressures.

Similar considerations may apply to internal locations where there is a need to control room pressures. e.g. laboratories or hospitals. The requirement for effective sealing applies to all buildings whether they are industrial, commercial, public or residential, indeed, any type of building where it is necessary to reduce the transfer of noise, air, smoke, odours and vermin that might otherwise find a route through the operating gaps around door leaves and windows.

The purpose of the door will have an influence on the choice of seals, e.g. sealing of external doors for (say) plant rooms that are only used by able bodied maintenance staff may be considered differently to doors in locations that are to be used by the general public and in particular disabled users. All Pemko seals suggested by reference to this bulletin generally fall into a low operating force category but it may be necessary to use a combination of seals to meet performance requirements for some locations.

For exposed locations for use by the general public we recommend that consideration is given to the construction of performance lobbies. This permits the use of low force sealing arrangements that have little influence on the operation of the doors with the added advantage that some level of sealing is maintained where one of the lobby doors is open while the other remains closed.

This selection of products suggests seal combinations considered suitable for various performance requirements. 

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