K700 w. 98/99 & 22 Series Escape Device

Product Code: 22/K700, 2227/K700, 98/99/K700, 98/9927/K700 & 98/9957/K700
K700 w. 98/99 & 22 Series Escape Device
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K700 w. 98/99 & 22 Series Escape Device

Use the Keylex 700 on all standard duty, high security escape door installations. The ‘narrow stile’ design, with its built-in slipping clutch mechanism,will suit all stile widths down to 43mm* and is particularly well suited for use with aluminium or hollow metal sections.

* The centre case size of the escape hardware used will also influence the minimum stile width.

Features & Benefits

  • Standard duty mechanism - Allows many hundreds of operations per day
  • Entirely mechanical operation - No electronics or electrical wiring involved
  • Allows code combinations of up to 12 buttons - Over 4,000 selectable code permutations (recommended 3 to 6 digit codes)
  • Code scramble - Allows all codes to be entered in any order
  • Slipping clutch mechanism - Nullifies forced attack or vandalism from the outside
  • Brushed stainless steel buttons - Will not indicate usage
  • Free exit - Provides escape from the inside, without code entry, regardless of the lock status


The standard conversion allows use with both the 22 Series and the 98/99 Series of escape devices. The standard lever operation lends itself to use with rim exit devices (single latch operation), surface mounted vertical rod and multi point latching escape device options.

How to Specify or Order

22/K700* - Rim Exit Device
2227/K700* - Surface Mounted Vertical Rod Device
98/99/K700* - Rim Exit Device
98/9927/K700* - Surface Mounted Vertical Rod Device
98/9957/K700* - Three Point Latching Device

*All Keylex 700s must be modified by Relcross

Important Note -

Door thicknesses should be advised in all cases.


Lock body construction is cast zinc. All code buttons are stainless steel. The standard finish is SC (Silver).
An optional DB (Dark Bronze) finish is
available from stock.

SC - Silver with Stainless Steel Buttons
DB - Dark Bronze with Stainless Steel Buttons

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