PN Pneumatic Latch Retraction Exit Device

Product Code: PN Pneumatic Latch Retraction Exit Device
PN Pneumatic Latch Retraction Exit Device
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PN Pneumatic Latch Retraction Exit Device

The PN Pneumatic Latch Retraction feature provides controlled access through escape doors (via a remote unlocking feature) Usually found on the perimeter of a building. PN devices are ‘free from fixings’ hence, safe egress is always available. This feature is available on rim exit devices, surface mounted vertical rod devices and three point latching devices.

98/99 Series - PN Pneumatically Controlled Exit Device


The PN feature includes a special actuating linkage giving the option of mechanically or pneumatically dogging the exit device. If manual hex-key dogging is required, specify HD-PN. Dogging the device, whether mechanically or pneumatically, makes the device function as a push/pull unit and reduces the wear on its moving parts.

Standard cylinder dogging is not available with this option. Specify SD-PN Special Centre Case Cylinder Dogging.

When activated pneumatically, the latch bolt(s) of the exit device retract for up to 1.5 seconds.

Where to use the PN Pneumatic Latch Retraction Exit Device

Designed for use in situations where there is a requirement to combine life safety with security in hazardous areas where electrically operated devices would not be permitted normally.

PN Pneumatic Latch Retraction Exit Device - Air flow requirements

Relcross compressors are capable of providing pressures up to 120 psi. Relcross controllers operate at between 80 psi minimum to 100 psi maximum. Regulated air output from 50 to 80 psi is required for PN devices.

For more information on compressors, controllers and other pneumatic accessories please download the Door Controls Brochure (page 12) & Door Controls Brochure (page 13).

How to Specify or Order

Use the prefix PN. For example PN9927EO.US28


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