EL Electric Latch Retraction Exit Device

Product Code: EL Electric Latch Retraction Exit Device
EL Electric Latch Retraction Exit Device
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EL Electric Latch Retraction Exit Device

The EL Electric Latch Retraction feature provides controlled access through escape doors (via a remote unlocking feature) usually found on the perimeter of a building. EL devices are ‘free from fixings’ hence, safe egress is always available. This feature is available on rim exit devices, surface mounted vertical rod devices and three point latching devices.

98/99 Series - EL Latch Retraction Exit Device


The latch bolt is retracted via any type of reader, switch or push button; changing the status of an exit only or latched door to a push-pull operation. A powerful continuous duty solenoid retracts the latch bolt for momentary unlocking, or for extended periods of time, in lieu of manual dogging.

EL devices are particularly useful in systems incorporating requirements for time controlled access where escape is of paramount consideration. Complete systems will always require a power transfer unit to transfer power from the frame to the door and a custom built power supply unit (See below).

Where To Use the EL Device

Ideal for locking main entrances to high rise blocks of flats (and similar installations) where they can be released by a signal from the intercom system. In short, any heavily vandalized area where the number of daily operations is very high.

Electrical Specification

Solenoid (Continuous Duty) – 24Vdc
Current Inrush (300 milliseconds) – 16 amperes
Current Holding (33A/35A and 98/99) – 300mA

Power Options

ELPS0BB 24Vdc Power Supply

Use only ELPS0 24Vdc Power Supply (latches only) or ELPS0BB 24Vdc Power Supply with battery back-up (all devices incorporating vertical rods).

Power supplies incorporate an Entry Relay to interface with any access control system. Details of the access control system will be required at the order stage.

Power Supply Enclosure Dimensions
ELPS0 - Enc. size 325mmH x 255mmW x 90mmD
ELPS0BB - Enc. size 325mmH x 255mmW x 90mmD

How to Specify or Order

Use the prefix EL. For example EL9927EO.US28


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