3130 Series Door Closer - Concealed (Door Top Rail) Mounting

Product Code: 3132.US28 & 3133.US28
3130 Series Door Closer - Concealed (Door Top Rail) Mounting
  • Description and Uses
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3130 Series Door Closer - Concealed (Door Top Rail) Mounting

LCN pioneered the concealed-in-door closer. The 3130 series is ideal for use on internal doors where aesthetics are of importance. The standard compact cylinder is a handed cast iron cylinder assembly with mounting plate and is installed in the top rail of the door.

3130 Series Mechanism

UK Fire Certification in accordance with BS EN 1634-1:2014 (timber) - 60 mins
WFRC No. 142058 - Issue 4. Valid Until 1st December 2019

  • Standard 3130 series closer shipped with standard arm, standard track, track roller and wood & machine screw pack
  • Sized cylinders 3132 for interior doors to 864mm & 3133 for interior doors to 965mm
  • Handed for clockwise (left hand) and anti-clockwise (right hand) closing doors
  • For aluminum, hollow metal, or wood doors and frames
  • Standard or optional custom powder coated finish
  • Optional SRI primer for installations in corrosive conditions
  • Concealed Mounting
    For interior doors only
  • Single acting cylinder and arm in door top rail
  • Concealed track in head frame
  • Maximum Opening
    Butt hinge template allows 140° or 100° with the optional bumper installed
  • Adjustable hold open points from 85° to 100° with the hold open track
  • Consult Relcross for all pivot mounted installations
  • Butt Hinges should not exceed 127mm in width
  • Auxiliary Stop is recommended
  • Top Rail minimum 102mm
  • Door Thickness minimum 45mm - but check with the door manufacturer to ensure integrity is maintained
  • Door Width minimum 660mm
  • Standard Finish - US28 powder coated silver

Mounting Options & Arms

3130 Series - Concealed (In Door) Mounting

Standard Arm - 3130-3077T
Handed arm. Track roller not included with arm

Cylinder - 3130-3071
Standard, handed, cast iron cylinder assembly with mounting plate

Standard Track - 3130-3038
Standard, non hold-open, non-handed track. Will accept hold-open clip and/or bumper assembly

Standard Track with Bumper - 3130-3038B
Optional, non hold-open, non-handed track with bumper. Will accept hold-open clip.

Hold-Open Track - 3130-3038H
Optional, non-handed hold-open track. Will accept bumper assembly

Hold-Open Track with Bumper - 3130-3038HB
Optional, non-handed hold-open track with bumper

Track Bumper - 3130-169
Mounts in track to assist backcheck, does not replace auxiliary stop. Limits maximum opening. Consists of bumper, bumper post, and mounting screw

Hold-Open Clip - 3130-3054
Mounts in track to provide hold-open function. Hold-open point controlled by clip location

Track Roller - 3130-3034
Quiet, low friction roller assembly. Shoulder dimension “X” = 2mm

How to Specify or Order

3132 Concealed Door Closer (Handed)
3133 Concealed Door Closer (Handed)


US28 - Powder Coated Silver

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