450 Series Door Holder/Stop - Standard Duty Surface Mounted

Product Code: 451/2/3/4/5H.SP28, 451/2/3/4/5S.SP28 451/2/3/4/5H.US32D & 451/2/3/4/5S.US32D
450 Series Door Holder/Stop - Standard Duty Surface Mounted
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450 Series Door Holder/Stop - Standard Duty Surface Mounted

General Features

The 450 series offers the industry’s widest variety of functions, base materials and finishes to fit all standard (medium) to light duty applications. The perfect combination of form and function, 450 series holders and stops offer effective door control and a low-profile design. The visible components are available in a wide variety of architectural finishes to complement any design.

These versatile models can be used with almost all Relcross surface overhead door closers . Templates provide variable mounting positions allowing hold open and stop positions between 85° and 100°. 450 series holders and stops accommodate doors hung with conventional full mortice hinges, offset and centre hung pivot sets (consult sales office for more details).


450 Series - Typical Plan View

Four distinct versions offer solutions as follows:

450H Series Hold Open Model – Standard Duty

Holding the door open at a pre-determined position for long or short periods. The hold open function is an automatic mechanism that ‘kicks-in’ when the door is opened to a preset angle. Tension is adjusted using an Allen key.

450S Series Stop Only Model – Standard Duty

Providing an effective ’out of the way’ auxiliary stop when the hold open function is not a requirement.

450F Series Friction Hold Open Model – Standard Duty

Used in situations where multiple hold open points are desirable. Friction tension is adjusted using an Allen key.

450SE Series Special Stop-Only

(Suffix SE) When Stop-Only models are used in conjunction with single point Hold-Open electronic door closers, the function may be ordered without the shock absorbing mechanism. Used as an auxiliary stop with these closers, they will prolong the life of the closer. The stop location is adjusted using an allen wrench on the stop block located in the channel.

Note: Caution should be taken when using this option in other applications, as the elimination of the shock-absorbing spring can put added stress on the door and frame.

Each model is available in five sizes as shown in the table in the 450 Series - Data Sheet (Part 1) on the next tab.
450 series hold open and stop only models provide standard duty door protection.

Surface Installation

Surface mounted overhead door holder and stop installation does not require morticing of either the jamb or the door. The jamb bracket is mounted normally to the underside of the stop. The channel is surface mounted to the face of the door. Hollow metal frames must be reinforced in the jamb to provide strength for the jamb bracket. For timber doors and frames the available timber must be adequate for the holder specified.

A typical surface mounted installation is shown in 450 Series - Data Sheet (Part 2) on the next tab. where the jamb bracket is fastened to the stop. Angle jamb brackets are available for hinge side mounting and for use with rebated doors or flush transom installations. Jamb brackets with special shims for use on jambs with blade stops are also available. Advise the stop height and the appropriate shim kit will be provided.

Materials and Finishes

All models are available in 300 series stainless Steel, brass and steel substrates. Stock finishes include US32D satin stainless steel and SP28 powder coated silver.

Dead-Stop Templating

Dead-Stop Templating is recommended for applications where a wall or similar obstruction is in place at an opening angle of 110º or less (i.e., doors that open back-to-back). Dead-Stop Templating can be applied to Hold-Open, Stop-Only and Friction models. The Dead-Stop position is the point at which the shock-absorbing spring is fully compressed. Therefore, when Dead-Stop Templating is used, the initial degree of opening will be 5º to 7º less than the Dead-Stop opening.

Example: If the holder is templated to a 100º dead stop, the door will hold open at an angle between 93º and 95º but no further than 100º.

Note: Do not use dead-stop templating on the 410SE Series since there is no shock-absorbing spring.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors should always be considered when specifying overhead holders and stops. Doors that are positioned on a building’s exterior or subject to corrosive conditions should be equipped with a holder constructed primarily of stainless steel, brass or bronze materials. For interior applications, steel is acceptable, though brass and bronze substrates generally provide a more attractive architectural-grade finish.

Closer Applications

450 series models require minimal door and frame preparation. They may be used in conjunction with most surface applied door closers. In some cases, optional drop brackets may need to be mounted on the closers. These brackets are available from Relcross for LCN parallel arm models.

Heavy-Use Applications

A heavy-duty holder or stop should be considered when doors and frames are subject to heavy, frequent use. Also, heavy-duty units should be considered on exterior doors subject to wind.

Suffix J (Angle Jamb Bracket)

An additional option on the 450 Series is the Angle Jamb Bracket for hinge-side or flush transom mounting. The angle jamb bracket affixes to the standard jamb bracket. If ordered with the overhead holder add suffix J. If needed separately order 450J - Finish.

Suffix SHIM (Blade Stop Shims)

Shim kits are available in 3 sizes:

450 SHIM1 is a 5mm Shim Kit
450 SHIM2 is a 10mm Shim Kit
450 SHIM3 is a 14mm Shim Kit

If ordered with overhead, add suffix SHIM (1, 2 or 3). If needed separately order 450SHIM (1, 2 or 3) – Finish.

Suffix SOC (Pin-in-Socket Security Screw Package)

A screw package with pin-in-socket screws for mounting the channel to the door and the jamb bracket to the frame is provided instead of the standard screw package.

How to Specify or Order

451/2/3/4/5F Standard Duty Door Holder (Friction)
451/2/3/4/5H Standard
Duty Door Holder (Hold Open)
451/2/3/4/5S Standard Duty Door Holder (Stop Only)


SP28 - Sprayed Silver
US32D - Satin Stainless Steel

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