1260 Series Door Closer - Standard Duty Universal Mounting

Product Code: 1261P.US28.1261P.KPD-BLACK
1260 Series Door Closer - Standard Duty Universal Mounting
  • Description and Uses
  • Installation Sheets & Templates

1260 Series Door Closer - Standard Duty Universal Mounting

The LCN 1260 Series combines the best features from the previous 1070 and 1370 series into a single versatile and economical cast iron closer, with dual mounting capability. The 1261P is adjustable through spring sizes 1-5 and mounts to the most common commercial footprint. The 1260 Series also features a complete line of regular and extra duty arms and LCN's peel-n-stick installation templates.
  • Hinge (Pull Side) Mounting
  • Top Jamb (Push Side) Mounting
  • Stop Face (Push Side) Mounting

Features and Benefits

  • Non-handed for right and left swinging doors
  • Adjustable hydraulic backcheck cushions opening swing prior to 90 degrees
  • Separate regulation of general closing speed and latching speed
  • Joints in arm and shoe adapt to uneven trim
  • Reversible shoe to boost latching power on double lever arms

UK Fire Certification in accordance with BS EN 1634-1:2014 (timber) - 120 mins.
WFRC No. 142058 - Issue 4. Valid Until 1st December 2019

EN 1154: 1996 + A1: 2002/AC:2006

CE Certified. Certification applies to All Applications


  • Standard 1260 series closer shipped with regular arm, plastic cover and wood & machine screw pack
  • Non-sized cylinders (1261) for interior doors to 1372mm and exterior (perimeter) doors to 1067mm
  • Closer mounts hinge side, top jamb and parallel arm on either right or left swinging doors
  • Standard or optional custom powder coat finish
  • Optional SRI primer for installations in corrosive conditions
  • Optional Quick Fix™ bracket kit
  • Surface Mounting
    For interior or exterior doors. Single acting cylinder on door top rail with exposed regular arm to head frame (hinge pull side). Single acting cylinder on head frame with exposed regular arm to door top rail (top jamb push side). Single acting cylinder on door top rail with exposed regular arm to head frame (stop face push side)
  • Maximum Opening
    Butt hinge template allows 180° with hold open points up to maximum opening with the optional hold open arm (hinge pull side & top jamb push side). 180° opening and hold open points (stop face push side)
  • Consult Relcross for all pivot mounted installations
  • Butt Hinges should not exceed 127mm in width
  • Auxiliary Stop is recommended
  • Reveal should not exceed 19mm for regular arm or 13mm for hold open arm (hinge pull side). 64mm reveal allows 180° with standard REG regular arm while 89mm allows 180° opening with the optional 1260-79LR long rod & shoe (top jamb push side)
  • Stop Width minimum 25mm (stop face push side)
  • Head Frame minimum 55mm or 40mm with 1260-18 plate (top jamb push side). Flush head frame requires 1260-418 PA shoe adaptor (stop face push side).
  • Top Rail less than 64mm requires 1260-18 plate - plate requires 38mm minimum (hinge pull side). 44mm minimum or 64mm minimum with 1260-18 (top jamb push side). Less than 102mm from the underside of the stop requires 1260-18PA plate (stop face push side)
  • Clearance minimum 73mm behind the door for 90° installation (hinge pull side)
  • Bull Nose Trim requires 1260-65 soffit shoe (hinge pull side)

Mounting Options & Arms

1260 Series - Hinge (Pull Side) Mounting        1260 Series - Top Jamb (Push Side) Mounting             1260P Series - Stop Face (Push Side) Mounting

Regular Arm - 1260-3077
Non-handed arm mounts hinge side or top jamb. 1261P closer includes PA Shoe - 1260-62PA required for parallel arm mounting

PA Shoe - 1260-62PA
Required for parallel arm mounting

Long Arm - 1260-3077L
Optional, non-handed arm includes LONG ROD AND SHOE - 1260-79LR for top jamb mount with deep reveals

Hold-Open Arm - 1260-3049
Optional, non-handed arm mounts hinge side, top jamb or parallel arm (62PA required). Hold-open adjustable at shoe

Hold-Open Arm - 1260-3049L
Optional non-handed arm includes LONG HEAD AND TUBE - 1260-3048L for top jamb mount with deep reveals

Extra Duty Arm - 1260-3077EDA - 1260-3077EDA/G & 1260-3077EDA/145
Optional, non-handed parallel arm features solid forged steel main and forearm for potentially abusive installations. Optional 1260-3077EDA/G for blade stop clearance

HEDA Arm - 1260-3049EDA
Optional handed arm, provides hold-open function adjustable at shoe

CUSH-N-STOP® Arm - 1260-3077CNS
Optional, non-handed parallel arm features solid forged steel main arm and forearm with stop in soffit shoe

HCUSH Arm - 1260-3049CNS
Optional non-handed arm, provides hold-open function with templated stop/hold-open points. Handle controls hold-open function

Cylinder - 1260-3071
Standard, non-handed cast iron cylinder assembly

Plate - 1260-18
Required for hinge side mount where top rail is less than 64 mm. Required for top jamb mounting where head frame is less than 44 mm or flush ceiling condition exists. Plate requires minimum 38 mm minimum top rail or 32 mm head frame

Plate - 1260-18PA
Required for parallel arm mounting where top rail is less than 111 mm, measured from the stop. Plate requires 44 mm minimum top rail

QUICK FIX™ Bracket Kit - 1260-QF
Optional kit includes retro-fit mounting plates for closer cylinder and shoe. Useful in applications when previously drilled holes are damaged

CUSH Shoe Support - 1260-30
Provide anchorage for fifth screw used with CUSH arms where reveal is less than 78 mm

Blade Stop Spacer - 1260-61
Lowers parallel arm shoe to clear 13 mm blade stop

Auxiliary Shoe - 1260-62A
Requires a top rail of 178 mm. Optional shoe replaces -62PA for parallel arm mounting of regular arm with overhead holder/stop. Special template required

PA Flush Panel Adapter - 1260-419
Provides horizontal mounting surface for PA, EDA or CUSH shoe on single rabetted or flush frame

How to Specify or Order

1261P Standard Duty Door Closer


US28 - Powder Coated Silver w. Silver Cover
KPD-BLACK - Powder Coated Black w. Silver Cover

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