79 Series Door Holder/Stop - Extra Heavy Duty Surface Mounted

Product Code: 792/3/4/5/6H.SP28 & 792/3/4/5/6S.SP28
79 Series Door Holder/Stop - Extra Heavy Duty Surface Mounted
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79 Series Door Holder/Stop - Extra Heavy Duty Surface Mounted

General Features

79 series surface mounted holders and stops are designed to meet the demands of high-traffic and exposed doors in commercial applications. Simple to install they are compatible with most Relcross door closers.

Templates allow for variable mounting positions, ranging from 85º to 110º hold open/stop angles. These door holders and stops can be used on most types of doors, including all doors hung with conventional hinges or pivots.

Two distinct versions offer solutions as follows:

79H Hold Open Model – Extra Heavy Duty
79S Stop Only Model – Extra Heavy Duty

Each model is available in five sizes as shown in the table in the 79 Series - Data Sheet (Part 1) on the next tab.
79 series models incorporate the basic characteristics of the 70 series, but can protect extremely heavy or large doors subject to violent use or abusive conditions (e.g. vault doors, cell doors, oversized plant entry doors).

Materials and Finishes

  • 79 series models are constructed primarily of brass and 300 series stainless steel substrates.
  • 79 series utilize a 19mm dia. stainless steel bar.
  • The bar is always provided in US32D Satin Stainless Steel.
  • The spring, washer and nut are provided in a clear zinc finish.
  • The door bracket, jamb bracket and hook (for hold open units) are available in a number of alternative plated and painted finishes (consult the sales office for details).

Stop Only Models

79S series stop only models (suffix S) are used when the hold open function (see below) is not a requirement. Stop only models provide
a reliable method of door control with the same shock-absorbing capability as hold open models.

Hold Open Models

79H series hold open models (suffix H) provide a selective hold open function with easy-to-adjust tension. A simple 90º rotation of the roller mechanism disables the hold open function allowing the unit to serve as a shock-absorbing stop only.The hold open function provides a convenient method of holding the door open at a predetermined position for short or long periods of time permitting an unobstructed traffic flow through the opening. The hold open tension is adjusted simply and incrementally for increased or decreased holding power by turning the nut at the end of the bar.

Dead Stop Templating

Dead stop templating is recommended for applications where a wall or similar obstruction is placed at an opening angle of 110º or less. Dead stop templating can be applied to hold open and stop only models. The dead stop position is the point at which the shock-absorbing spring is fully compressed. Therefore, when dead stop templating is used, the initial degree of opening will be 5º to 7º less than the dead stop opening.

Example: If the holder is templated to a 100º dead stop, the door will hold open at an angle between 93º and 95º but no further
than 100º.

Function Conversion Kits

  • FK79H - Converts a 79S unit into a 79H unit. Specify FK79H - (& finish)
  • FK79S - Converts a 79H unit into a 79S unit. Specify FK79S.

Suffix J (Angle Jamb Bracket)

An angle jamb bracket is available to convert standard models to hinge-side or flush transom mounting.
If ordered with unit add suffix J. If needed separately, order 79J by finish needed.

Suffix SB (Sex Bolt Mounting)

A package of 4 sex bolts provided with the 79 Series.

Suffix SOC (Pin-in-Socket Security Screw)

A screw package with pin-in-socket screw for mounting both the door bracket and jamb bracket is provided instead of the standard screw package.

How to Specify or Order

792/3/4/5/6H Extra Heavy Duty Door Holder (Hold Open)
792/3/4/5/6S Extra Heavy Duty Door Holder (Stop Only)

Door Holders - Table of Sizes


SP28 - Sprayed Silver (w. Stainless Steel Bar)

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