SS Series Safety Sensor

Product Code: SS.ONE & SS.TWO
SS Series Safety Sensor
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SS Series Safety Sensor

Infra-Red Safety (or Presence) Sensor

Active infra-red safety (or presence) sensors provide high performance safety for automated swing doors. All powered door systems should include safety sensors as should low energy systems where traffic profiles dictate.

This high performance ‘modular’ safety sensor system is fixed to both sides of the door (at the top) and protects users at both sides during the opening and closing cycles.

Sensors will detect stationary and moving objects within their sensing field and will send a signal to the automatic door operator. This  signal is used normally to reverse the swing of the door. The precise order of events is dictated by the operator itself and many variants can be set.

General & Technical Characteristics

The SS.ONE & SS.TWO provide perfect safety for swing door applications with an additional safety zone forward of the leading edge of the door.

  • Technology - Active Infra-Red
  • Detection range - 700mm to 2500mm adjustable
  • Tilt angles - 0° to 25° in 5° increments
  • Detection mode - Presence (& Motion)
  • Response time -
  • Supply voltage - 12 to 24V ac/dc
  • Usually supplied by the operator with no additional power source required -
  • All installations require a power transfer device (surface loop included)
  • Temperature range - Minus 20°C to plus 50°C
  • Materials - Aluminium, ABS & Plexiglas
  • Protection - IP52

How to Specify or Order

SS.ONE Safety Sensor
SS.TWO Safety Sensor


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