6223 Electric Strike (Mortice) - Heavy Duty

Product Code: 6223.FSE.US32D, 6223.FS.US32D, 6223.FSE.DS.US32D & 6223.FS.DS.US32D (Specify 12Vdc or 24Vdc)
6223 Electric Strike (Mortice) - Heavy Duty
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6223 Electric Strike (Mortice) - Heavy Duty

To select the proper strike it is important to determine the type of door hardware in use. The electric strike interfaces with the latch bolt of the door hardware. Together the strike and door hardware secure the door. Therefore you must ensure that the strike can accommodate both the dimension and position of the bolts.


The 6223 Electric Strike is CE marked (EN 14846: 2008) for use on steel doors.

Tested and assessed as suitable for use with metal based doorsets tested to the requirements of EN 1634-1:2008.
Assessment report WF No.334654 for up to 240 mins.

CE Certified. Certification applies to all variants of the 6223 Electric Strike


Closed back electric stirke for use with mortise locks without deadbolt or cylindrical locks on 44mm thick double door applications. 120mm minimum stile required. For a concealed vertical rod and mortice device combination specify “A” backbox.

6223 Electric Strike (Mortice) - Heavy Duty

 Hollow metal frames

  • Status Monitoring (available on this model) - Specify DS (Double Signal Switch)


L9000 Mortice Locks
B Series Cylindrical Locks 10mm-19mm

Strikes are furnished

Fail Secure (FSE) or Fail Safe (FS)

Optional DS Dual Signal Switch feature is available

Electrical Specification

Solenoid (Continuous Duty) – 12Vdc
Current Holding (Seated) – 600mA
Solenoid (Continuous Duty) – 24Vdc
Current Holding (Seated) – 330mA


Please refer to the 6223 Installation Sheet on the next tab.  

Power Options

DC regulated power supplies (recommended)

PS01 12Vdc 2 Amp Power Supply
PS02 24Vdc 1 Amp Power Supply

To convert to AC operation use SO-24 Kit

Standard Configuration
12Vdc - Fail Secure (FSE)

DS - Dual Switch Monitoring

Used exlusively with the 6000 Series Electric Strikes the ‘Dual Switch’ monitoring option has two SPDT contacts, one switch monitors the tripper which is depressed when the latchbolt is inserted into the strike pocketand the second switch monitors the condition of the strike lip, open or closed and locked. DS option must be specified at order placement.

How to Specify or Order

6223.FSE Mortice Electric Strike 12Vdc (Fail Secure)
6223.FS Mortice Electric Strike 12Vdc (Fail Safe)
6223.FSE.DS Mortice Electric Strike 12Vdc (Fail Secure - Dual Signal Switch)
6223.FS.DS Mortice Electric Strike 12Vdc (Fail Safe - Dual Signal Switch)

6223.FSE Mortice Electric Strike 24Vdc (Fail Secure)
6223.FS Mortice Electric Strike 24Vdc (Fail Safe)
6223.FSE.DS Mortice Electric Strike 24Vdc (Fail Secure - Dual Signal Switch)
6223.FS.DS Mortice Electric Strike 24Vdc (Fail Safe - Dual Signal Switch)


US32D - Satin Stainless Steel

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