MMS Series (Eagle One) Microwave Motion Sensor

Product Code: MMS.ONE
MMS Series (Eagle One) Microwave Motion Sensor
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MMS Series (Eagle One) Microwave Motion Sensor

MMS.ONE ‘active’ microwave motion sensors will detect a moving object or person and have the advantage over ‘passive’ infra-red sensors since they can detect and distinguish between a wide range of motion patterns. The sensor emits microwaves that are reflected back from moving objects. The resultant shift in the frequency of the wave being proportionate to the speed of the object detected. This shift in frequency is the signal instructing the sensor to switch the automatic operator and open the door.

General & Technical Characteristics

The MMS.ONE can be set as a uni-directional sensor (default mode) or as an optional bi-directional sensor. Uni-directional sensors will detect motion in one direction only, i.e. towards the sensor. Bi-directional sensors will detect motion both towards and away from the sensor.

  • Technology - Microwave & microprocessor
  • Frequency emitted - 24.175 GHz
  • Mounting height - 4 metres maximum
  • Tilt angles - 0° to 90° vertical and -30° to 30° lateral
  • Detection mode - Motion
  • Min. detection speed - 5cm per second
  • Supply voltage - 12 to 24V ac/dc - Usually supplied by the operator with no additional power source required
  • Temperature range - Minus 20°C to plus 55°C
  • Materials - High impact ABS plastic
  • Protection - IP54

Optional Accessories

FCA False Ceiling Adaptor

FCA - False Ceiling Adaptor
FRA - Rain Cover
FBA - Alternative Fixing Bracket. 

How to Specify or Order

MMS.ONE Microwave Motion Sensor


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