L9080EU/LV9080EU Series - Electrically Unlocked (Fail Secure)

Product Code: L9080EU & LV9080EU
L9080EU/LV9080EU Series - Electrically Unlocked (Fail Secure)
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L9080EU/LV9080EU Series - Electrically Unlocked (Fail Secure)

Storeroom Lock Function Description

   L9080EL/LV9080EL Function

Outside knob/lever unlocked by 24VAC or DC. Latchbolt retracted by key outside or knob/lever inside. Auxiliary latch deadlocks latchbolt when door is closed. Inside knob/lever always free for immediate exit. Inside lever is always free for immediate egress.


All L9000 Series Mortice Locks (except electrified versions, non-keyed dummys and locks with the holdback function) are
CE marked (BS EN 12209: 2003) for use on steel doors.

Tested and assessed as suitable for use with metal based doorsets tested to the requirements of EN 1634-1:2008.
Assessment report WF No.335640 for up to 180 mins. 


  • Fully wrapped heavy gauge steel case protects against dooredge attacks
  • All metal zinc dichromate plated working parts
  • Inside lock case protects electronic components
  • 2-piece anti-friction tongue reduces wear and tear
  • Outside and inside trim thru-bolted together and through the door


  • Break-away spindle prevents unsecured failures and provides easy spindle replacement
  • Hub blocking plate protects lock against spindle manipulation
  • Inside lever applied by screwless shank mounting – no exposed trim mount screws
  • Floating mounting tabs automatically adjust to fit a beveled door edge
  • Field reversible handing without opening lock case
  • External spring cages allow for simple trim retrofit
  • Lever rotation in both directions (up & down) for ease of use
  • Independent lever rotation


The Vandlgard function allows the exterior lever to rotate freely down, while the door remains securely locked.

The L-Series Vandlgard option is ideal for areas subject to abuse or anywhere vandalism is likely to be present. Vandlgard prevents damage to internal lock components caused by excessive force from kicking, hitting or standing on the lever to gain access. It is easy to retrofit standard L-Series locks with Vandlgard using the Vandlgard Retrofit Kit.  Use prefix LV in the product code.

* Addendum

One of the many features of the L-Series mortice lock is that handing can be done by the installer quickly and easily without opening the lock case. With quickly reversible lock chassis and mix-and-match levers and knobs, the L-Series mortice lock provides the ultimate in stocking, ordering and installation flexibility.

44mm standard. 35mm to 64mm optional. Over 64mm door ranges vary by function.


70mm only.

Armour Front (Faceplate)

     Armour Front

32mm x 203mm x 6mm standard - 27mm x 203mm x 6mm optional

Lock Case


  • Size - 113mm x 154mm x 25mm
  • Spacing - knob or lever to cylinder, 98mm; knob or lever to thumbturn hub, 68mm
  • Bolts - 25mm throw stainless steel deadbolt and 19mm throw stainless steel latch with anti-friction tongue.


   Strike & Strike Box

ANSI curved lip strike 32mm x 124mm) x 30mm lip to centre with dust box standard.

Exposed Trim - 02A, 03A, 06A & LAT Design Levers on Round Rose (examples)


     02A                     03A             

02A Lever on Round Rose                  03A Lever on Round Rose


     06A               LAT A

06A Lever on Round Rose                LAT (Latitude) Lever on Round Rose

Forged brass or bronze and cast stainless steel.

Exposed Trim - 41A & 42A Design Knobs


    41A                      42A

41A Knob on Round Rose                   42A Knob on Round Rose

Knobs: #41 and #42 heavy-duty wrought brass, bronze or stainless steel knobs match Schlage D-Series knobs.

Escutcheons (in lieu of Round Roses)

   06L example

Example - 06L Lever on Escutcheon Plate

Escutcheons are cold-forged brass or bronze and stainless steel. N escutcheons are heavy wrought reinforced brass, bronze and stainless steel.

Trim Combinations

Available with knob both sides, lever both sides, or knob and lever with rose or escutcheon both sides.
ANSI curved lip strike 32mm x 124mm) x 30mm lip to centre with dust box standard.

Thumbturns & Indicators

   Thumbturns and Indicators

Available for rose and escutcheon trim. A larger 'disability' turn is available as an option to the standard thumbturn. Certain functions have occupancy indicator options and coin turn options.

Cylinders, Cams & Keys

   Mortice Cylinder             

Cylinder Lengths & Specifications - 5 pin 'Classic' keyway cylinder with two keys standard

We can provide master keyed systems, systems incorporarting standard full face cylinders, full size interchangeable core cylinders - FSIC, small format interchangeable core cylinders - SFIC and various contstruction core programmes. Please consult the sales office for more information.

How to Specify or Order

Choose Lock Case required - example L9080EU Storeroom Lock

Choose the Knob/Lever and Rose/Escutcheon Trim Designs and Finishes - example 03A 626 (Lever on Round Rose -
Satin Chrome)

Choose the Armour Front. - example 09-663 - 32mm width

Choose the Strike - example 10-072 32 mm x 124 mm x 30 mm

Choose the Cylinder (if required)

Finished Product -example L9080EU.03A.626


605 (US3) Bright Brass
606 (US4) Satin Brass
609 (US5) Antique Brass
612 (US10) Satin Bronze
613 (US10B) Oil Rubbed Bronze
619 (US15) Satin Nickel
625 (US26) Bright Chromium Plated
626 (US26D) Satin Chromium Plated
626AM Antimicrobial Coating on Satin Chrome
629 (US32) Bright Stainless Steel
630 (US32D) Satin Stainless Steel
630AM Antimicrobial Coating on Satin Stainless Steel
643e (U11) Aged Bronze

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