1001 Series Automatic Operator - Top Jamb (Pull Side) Mounting

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1001 Series Automatic Operator - Top Jamb (Pull Side) Mounting
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1001 Series Automatic Operator - Top Jamb (Pull Side) Mounting

The 1001 series automatic operator is an electrically powered low-energy swing door operator. It provides easy access for people with disabilities, the elderly or the frail. Designed for doors where automated opening is available by default for all users. Complete with adjustable opening and closing speeds the microprocessor controller ensures reliability. This unit is designed for medium to low traffic situations.

1001 series automatic swing door operators are designed to accommodate one way and two way traffic flow for low energy or powered doors (with full safety) as necessary. The operator body is universal, fitting both pull and push side applications of either hand. The variance lies in the choice of operating arm configuration.

This state-of-the art solution is suitable for interior and exterior doors. The many standard features include a “push and go” facility and an automatic safety stop (or obstacle detection) mechanism, that is activated immediately if the door makes contact with an obstacle.

All commands are performed directly and positively via intelligent microprocessor control with none of the delays associated with some other mechanisms. The all electric operation simplifies installation via a single mains connection. Integral ports are provided for additional activation and sensor units. Accessories such as electric strikes, access control systems, electrified locks and card readers may be easily retro-fitted.

Features & Benefits

  • Mains Power - Requires no supplementary power source
  • Switchable Push and Go - For automation without additional
    activation devices
  • Safety Stop - Providing built-in obstacle detection
  • Integral ‘Ports’ - For additional activation and sensor units
  • Master & Slave Setting - Ensures sequenced opening and closing
    on pairs of doors
  • Battery Back-Up - Standard pack allows up to 10 full cycle
    operations in the event of a mains power failure

Although this operator suits doors as narrow as 700mm it should be borne in mind that to accommodate wheelchair access, the minimum effective clear width through a doorway (per BS 8300:2001 part 6.4.1) is 800mm (850mm preferred).

1001 Series - Top Jamb (Pull Side) Mounting

Mains Power & Other Connections

Power is fed directly to the back of the unit where hollow metal frames allow or via the cover end caps where the operator is fixed to a solid frame. When using this operator with door mounted safety sensors, power transfer devices (either surface mounted or concealed) must be introduced (see Access Control section).

Important Note

Since the mains powered motor drives the operator through both opening and closing cycles this solution is best suited to doors where automation is a pre-requisite. Manual (non-switched) operation (although possible) is not recommended since the door will move only against resistance from the motor.

The 1001 series automatic operator is shipped with motor gearbox, control board, mounting plate, standard arm, metal cover, standard track and screw pack.

Single door - Non-handed
A 580mm single cover is standard. Full length single and double covers are available and can be custom built to order.

  • Surface Mounting
  • For interior or exterior doors. Single acting operator on head frame.
  • Exposed arm and track to door top rail.
  • Standard Finish - US28 powder coated silver.
  • Maximum Opening - Pull side (slide arm) - Maximum opening 180° (120° recommended).
  • Butt Hinges should not exceed 127mm in width.
  • Auxiliary Stop is recommended.
  • Reveal not permissible, otherwise packers will be required for the track.
  • Head Frame minimum 145mm.
  • Top Rail minimum 60mm.

Opening and Closing Times -

Opening and closing times are variable by adjustments to the control module located on the operator assembly. The maximum hold open time is adjustable up to approximately 16 seconds** without additional time delay.

**Hold open time can be extended with the introduction of DTDM12/DTDM24

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1001 Automatic Operator


US28 - Powder Coated Silver
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