Nylon Brush Weatherstrip - 35 Aluminium Retainers

Product Code: 35041_NB & 35061_NB
Nylon Brush Weatherstrip - 35 Aluminium Retainers
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Nylon Brush Weatherstrip - 35° Aluminium Retainers

About Brush Gasketing (BR)

Brush gasketing products consist of dense type 6 nylon bristles. These gasketing products will conform to irregular surfaces making it an excellent product to seal almost any opening using a minimal closing force.

About Brush Seals/35 Degree Aluminum Retainers

Brush perimeter seals are designed to seal the gap between the door and the door jamb. They are surface mounted to the frame and are usually supplied with an angled flange. The angled flange provides the best contact between the brush and the surface of the door.
  • All brush seals consist of densely compressed nylon filaments encased in high quality aluminum retainers. These products are ideally suited for hollow metal and wood door (in-door sweep, jamb/header gasketing, and split astragal) applications. Also use Pemko brush weatherstripping products on overhead doors, sectional doors, sliding doors, and automatic doors.
  • All brush seals greatly reduce the infiltration of light, air, wind, rain and snow; prevent heat loss and control the penetration of smoke and fumes.
  • The dense nylon filaments conform to the contours of every sealing surface, providing a superior seal with extremely low closing force.
  • Brush remains flexible down to -40°F and has a melting point above 400°F.
  • UV stabilized, dependable, long-lasting, cost-effective
  • All brush seals come with #6 x 5/8" stainless steel sheet metal screws.
  • Punched with slotted holes for adjustment (except 35° angle types which are drilled with 3mm hole).
  • All clear anodized brush products are supplied with grey brush (available with black brush upon request). Other finishes supplied with black brush.




C (Clear Anodized) D (Dark Bronze Anodized) G (Gold Anodized)

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