CB2060C Concealed Bearing Hinges

Product Code: CB2060C 89mm/89mm & 102mm/102mm
CB2060C Concealed Bearing Hinges
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CB2060C Concealed Bearing Hinge

This concealed bearing hinge has architectural clean lines and is suitable for conventional non-rated internal doors - both residential and light weight commercial - with a door thickness range from 35mm to 44mm.

*Please consult Relcross before specifying this hinge for fire door use.

Standard Specification

Full Mortice Template Drilled

89mm x 89mm
102mm x 102mm

Gauge of Metal 2.5mm

How to Specify or Order

CB2060C Concealed Bearing Hinge 89mm x 89mm
CB2060C Concealed Bearing hinge 102mm x 102mm


US2C Zinc
US26D Satin Chrome
US26 Polished Chrome
US3 Polished Brass
US4 Satin Brass

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