Kerf-in Weatherstrip - Foam

Product Code: Q102_, Q103_, Q106_, Q107_ & Q108
Kerf-in Weatherstrip - Foam
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Kerf-in Weatherstrip - Foam

About Perimeter Gasketing (PG)

Our perimeter gasketing products are designed to seal the gap around the top and the 2 sides of a door assembly. The top of the door (head) is the first number used in ordering a perimeter set of gasketing. The sides (side jambs) are the second number used in ordering. The side jambs are provided as two pieces. Numerous channels are available with a wide variety of inserts.

About Kerf-in Weatherstrip - Foam

Foam kerf-in weatherstrip is constructed from soft cell foam enclosed by an embossed, tear-resistant, low-friction, UV-stable polyethylene cover.
  • Shape and materials conform well to irregularities in door fit and finish for a tight seal and low air infiltration.
  • Includes rigid PVC insert with extended flange for fast and easy kerf installations.
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