Rubber Ramp

Product Code: SBR1F, SBR.5F (RR1) & RR2
Rubber Ramp
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Rubber Ramp

About Modular Ramps (MR)

Ramp thresholds are often used to allow safe movement (most often via wheelchair access) between offset floor conditions. These shapes are designed to meet the requirements for accessibility.

Fire Retardant and Styrene Butadiene Rubber Ramp Thresholds

  • Styrene butadiene rubber ramps are weather, ozone, abrasion, and impact resistant; long-lasting and fire retardant.
  • Sold in 305mm increments up to 4572mm lengths
  • Assembled to meet any going length with a gradient 1:12 per Approved Document ' M'
  • Rubber ramps can be butted together for longer lengths
  • By default these ramps are cut square on each end but are available with molded rubber mitre returns. To receivea pair of miter returns, add “MR” to the part number(example: SBR.5FMR)
  • Rubber ramps have a superior grip, anti-slip surface and a “no bump” tapered lead edge
  • Easy to install on most surfaces by using a construction adhesive. Mechanical fasteners are notrequired and not recommended
  • Portable. For temporary applications, an assembly stays in place by its sheer weight and can be removed from one opening and placed atanother opening
  • Use RR200 to glue rubber ramps to floor surfaces
  • Available for 13mm and 25.4mm offset heights
  • Rubber ramps can be cross-cut to length or ripped to a custom offset height using a table or radial arm saw with acarbide-tipped blade. These modifications must be made in the field

For a detailed introduction to Modular Ramp Assemblies see Modular Ramp Threshold Assemblies - Flush Applications.


SBR.5FMR **  RR1 

RR2                                                                                                          1

NOTE: Products shown in this section may not be drawn to scale.

** Rubber Mitre Returns are not ADA or Equality Act 2010 Compliant (i.e. that part of the ramp assembly only).

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