PNT Series - Pneumatic Power Transfer

Product Code: PNT-1.SP28 & PNT-1.SP313
PNT Series - Pneumatic Power Transfer
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PNT Series - Pneumatic Power Transfer


The PNT-1 pneumatic power transfer device takes compressed air across the hinge line on conventional single swing doors using Auto Equalizers or PN98/99 & PN33/35A series escape devices. The device is completely concealed when the door is in the closed position and is suited ideally for installations involving potential abuse or heavy traffic.

Default Specification

PNT-1 Accommodates 6mm o/s diameter air line
Housing - 229mm x 32mm x 38mm

Important Note 

Careful consideration should be given to the overall opening arc of the door and the offset of the pivot point. This device is not suitable for use with swing clear hinges or centre-hung pivots. If in doubt, please consult the sales office.

How to Specify or Order

PNT-1 Pneumatic Power Transfer Device


SP28 – Sprayed Silver
SP313 – Sprayed Dark Bronze

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