1461TB Series Door Closer - Standard Duty 'Breakout' Mounting

Product Code: 1461TB.US28
1461TB Series Door Closer - Standard Duty 'Breakout' Mounting
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1461TB Series Door Closer - Standard Duty 'Breakout' Mounting

In some high security situations such as young offenders’ institutions it can benecessary to ‘upgrade’ the security level of doors to ensure that rooms remainsecure at all times but also offer safe and immediate release when necessary.


A typical scenario may involve a series of bedroom doors in a secure unit,each opening off a corridor.Ideally, doors would open out into the corridor (away from the bedrooms) ensuring occupants were unable to barricade themselves in the room. Unfortunately, in most cases, room and corridordesign dictates otherwise since doors opening regularly into corridors would cause a hazard to passing traffic. Consequently doors must open into the room and be available for fast emergency release from the corridor side by authorized personnel.
The closer is one part of a three part solution to this requirement that can be used as a whole or in part, dependent upon the specific requirements of the system (see the Relcross Hinges & Pivots brochure - Emergency Rescue Hardware). Since most bedroom doors in this type of environment are fire doors an overhead closer is a prerequisite. The 1461TB is a fire rated track arm closer and is fixed to the door’s top rail on the corridor side (out of harm’s way) allowing the door to open out into the corridor when necessary.

Features and Benefits

  • Top Jamb (Push Side) Mounting
  • Non-handed for right and left swinging doors
  • Adjustable hydraulic backcheck cushions opening swing prior to 90 degrees
  • Separate regulation of general closing speed and latching speed

Original format

UK Fire Certification in accordance with EN 1634-1:2000 (timber)
WFRC No. 142058 120 mins. EN 1154: 1996: A1: 2002

CE Certified.


The key feature of this solution is the ‘break-out’ track; comprising a slider system allowing the nylon arm roller to ‘pop out’ of the track (when the emergency stop is released) and the door to open in the opposite direction, i.e. away from any obstacle . The slider is normally secured in place using a hex-pin screw fixing – an appropriate tool is provided.

It is essential that the door and frame detail is known prior to final specification since the vertical layout of this closer is critical. This product is handed LH or RH
and is the same hand as the door during the door’s normal operation.

Mounting Options & Arms

Standard Track Arm - 1460T-3077T
Non-handed single lever arm mounts hinge side, top jamb, or stop face. Track roller not included with arm

Standard Track - 1460T-3038
Standard, non hold-open, non-handed track mounts (with custom cut-out)* on either side of the door. Will accept hold-open clip and/or bumper assembly

* not shown here

Standard Track with Bumper - 1460T-3038B
Optional, non hold-open, non-handed track with bumper mounts on either side of the door. Will accept hold-open clip

How to Specify or Order

1461TB Standard Duty Door Closer (Handed)


US28 - Powder Coated Silver

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