RG-27 Vertical Rod & Latch Guard

Product Code: RG-27, RG-27.914, RG-27-1220, LGO & RGO
RG-27 Vertical Rod & Latch Guard
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RG-27 Vertical Rod & Latch Guard

Available 22/98/99/33A & 35A Series Surface Vertical Rod Devices

Vertical rod and latch guards protect the bottom rods of exit devices from malicious damage or accidental damage caused by the passage of trolleys and similar traffic through open doors. Where bottom rods become damaged, exit devices will not function correctly and may affect safe evacuation during emergency situations.

In addition to protecting the vertical rod, the guard provides a smooth, unobstructed surface allowing doors to be opened using the bumpers of a wheelchair. The standard latch guard and the extended (full width) latch guard features a 45° ‘ramp’.

How to Specify or Order

RG-27 Rod & Latch Guard
RG-27.914 Rod Guard & Extended Latch Guard
RG-27.1220 Rod Guard & Extended Latch Guard

LGO Latch Guard Only
RGO Rod Guard Only (projects 30mm)


US32D - Satin Stainless Steel

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