Keylex 800 Series w. Mortice Double Throw Deadlocking Latch

Product Code: K800, K800.KO & K800.KO.KA
Keylex 800 Series w. Mortice Double Throw Deadlocking Latch
Keylex 800 Series w. Mortice Double Throw Deadlocking Latch
Keylex 800 Series w. Mortice Double Throw Deadlocking Latch
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Keylex 800 Series w. Mortice Double Throw Deadlocking Latch

Use the Keylex 800 series on all standard duty, medium security internal door installations.Always choose the K2100K option for military, police and fire service installations. The narrow stile Keylex 800 design, with its built-in clutch mechanism protecting the lock furniture, will suit all clear stile widths down to 80mm and is particularly suited for use on timber and composite doors. The Keylex 800 can be expected to give many years’ service if specified and maintained correctly.

BS 8607: 2014 Mechanically Operated Push Button Locks - Grade 3 (Exova Test Report - WIL342898)

Certification applies to:

K800 Keylex Mechanical Digital Lock (Levers) - 60mm Backset 

Standard Features & Benefits

  • Standard duty mechanism - Allows many hundreds of operations per day
  • Entirely mechanical operation - No electronics or electrical wiring involved
  • Allows code combinations of up to 12 buttons - Over 4,000 selectable code permutations (recommended 3 to 6 digit codes)
  • Code scramble - Allows all codes to be entered in any order
  • Slipping clutch mechanism - Nullifies forced attack or vandalism from the outside
  • Brushed stainless steel buttons - Will not indicate usage
  • Free exit - Provides escape from the inside, without code entry, regardless of the lock status
  • Passage Function - Allows free passage from both sides at code users’ discretion

Optional Features & Benefits

  • Key override - On board cylinder allows suited key holder access in all instances without prior knowledge of the user code*
  • Keyed alike - Allows single key override to multiple locks*
  • Extended door kits - Factory fitted modifications including extended fixings, spindles and free passage turns to suit doors up to 75mm thick

* Not covered by the BS 8607 certification

Double Throw Dead Lock Function

This lock utilizes a double throw deadlocking latch that locks the door every time the door closes.

Specify: 60mm backset - Standard (no optional sizes available for this product)

An authorized code is required to override the lock from the outside unless the passage function is set to ‘free’ or unless the optional on-board key override facility is available in which case the key will override any pre-set code. The door is always ‘free from fixings’ for immediate egress from the inside.

Important Note

All Keylex 800 models are supplied complete with outside lock body and inside lever furniture on back plate with free passage turn. The mortice double throw deadlocking latch is supplied with the lock and is available with a 60mm backset (76mm optional).


The Keylex 800 lock body and internal mechanism construction is cast zinc and solid brass with stainless steel code buttons and is suitable for use on all internal doors -

Critical Dimensions

The Keylex 800 suits door thicknesses between 30mm and 45mm standard. Please advise all door thicknesses in excess of 45mm.

The Keylex 800 suits minimum clear stile widths of 80mm when used with the standard latch bolt backset length of 60mm.

NB - Stop depths may restrict suitability.

Application Restriction

Do not use this product on military, police, fire service and other installations where heavy handed use/abuse can be expected.
Specify K2100 series.

Optional On-board Key Override

The Keylex 800 has an optional on-board key override feature incorporating a ‘dimple’ key profile cylinder. The large bow key (2 supplied normally per lock) will override any code and works directly on the internal mechanism to drive the spindle and retract the latch. Where multiple door control is desirable we offer a ‘keyed alike’ or ‘suited’ solution. Keyed alike systems are available from stock. However, master keyed systems are built to special order in the factory and extended lead times should be taken into account at the planning stage.

  • Keyed to Differ

Keyed to Differ

  • Keyed Alike

Keyed Alike

  • Master Key System

Master Key System

How to Specify or Order

K800 Keylex Mechanical Digital Lock (Levers) - 60mm Backset
K800.KO Keylex Mechanical Digital Lock (Levers) w. Key Override - 60mm Backset*
K800.KO.KA Keylex Mechanical Digital Lock (Levers) w. Key Override (Keyed Alike) - 60mm Backset*

* Not covered by the BS 8607 certification


SC - Silver with Stainless Steel Buttons
DB - Dark Bronze with Stainless Steel Buttons

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