Continuous Geared Hinge- Medium Duty

Product Code: FMF01.MD, FF02.MD & HMS01.MD
Continuous Geared Hinge- Medium Duty
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Continuous Geared Hinge- Medium Duty

Flexibility in Design

All aluminium components are clear or dark bronze anodized after milling and preparation to receive fixings, to provide for a hard and durable surface finish with excellent corrosion resistant properties (other finishes are available to special order).

The design of the blades varies to suit a number of applications.Various blade designs are held together using a common capping section providing an extensive range of standard and special designs for full mortice, half mortice and full surface applications.

The load bearing properties of the hinge are varied by the use of Delrin ® - Teflon ® bearings manufactured to a patented process providing medium and heavy duty options.

All hinge designs allow doors to open 180°. However, in some locations wall or frame decoration may prevent use of this facility. Special extended throw options are available for both full mortice and half mortice designs.

Tested and Proven

This hinge has been tested successfully under positive pressure fire test conditions to satisfy a wide range of UK fire performance requirements.The hinge also provides for security enhancement features and assists in the attainment of other performance requirements where air infiltration is a consideration (e.g weather sealing). Other variants provide for ‘finger safe’ features preventing the trapping of fingers in the gap between the heel of the door and the door frame. A Hospital Tip (anti-ligature) feature is available for full mortice versions.

UK Fire Certification in accordance with BS 476 parts 20 & 22:1987 including single action pairs of doors. For use on FD30S and FD60S fire resisting door sets. WFRC No.139560.

Performance & Durability

In the absence of an applicable standard for continuous geared hinges in the UK, we are reliant upon ANSI for confirmation of our hinge’s mechanical capabilities – ANSI/BHMA A156.26-2000:

Medium Duty Hinges -
350,000 cycles (68 kilo door) Grade 3
150,000 cycles (136 kilo door) Grade 3

FMF01.MD - Full Mortice Flanged Continuous Hinge

This hinge is designed primarily for new build situations but is suitable equally for retrofit situations where an upgrade is desirable. Full mortice flange type hinges may be recessed, semi recessed or surface mounted, the sectional drawing below shows a surface mounted installation where no timber has been removed from either the door or the frame.

When used in any of these applications the face of the door leaf is positioned to be flush with the face of the frame nosing. Where required, (e.g when using bolted assembly hollow metal frames) short leaf inset hinges (FMF06) with offset flanges may be used.

The flange detail used with some hinge designs assists with the accurate location of the hinge and provides for enhanced security and weather sealing performances. Intumescent sealing must be used when fitting these hinges to timber fire rated door sets. Please refer to the sales office for full details of intumescent requirements.

FF02.MD - Full Surface Continuous Hinge

Designed mainly for upgrading existing doorsets. Hinge leaves are applied to the exposed surfaces of the door and the frame. Full surface hinges are fitted to the face of the door leaf and the frame allowing for the lateral adjustment of doors.

These hinge designs allow for unbroken sealing to the door leaf edges and / or the frame reveal.

HMS01.MD - Half Mortice (Safety) Continuous Hinge

The standard half mortice option is designed specifically for upgrading existing doorsets although it can be used where a through bolt fixing is desirable on new installations. The safety version (shown here) is ideal for new build situations where young fingers are at risk.

One hinge leaf is applied to the exposed surface of the door and the frame leaf is applied to the concealed surface of the frame.

Half mortice hinges provide for traditional fixing to timber or metal frames with face fixing through the door leaf. This design allows for extensive lateral adjustment of the door leaf to provide for optimum setting of operating tolerances. The half mortice design is recommended for use with some mineral core door leaf constructions that provide for limited edge screw fixings. The design will also allow for unbroken sealing systems fixed to the door leaf edges.

Half mortice hinges are available as a safety hinge when used without a doorstop to the hanging jamb. The same design of hinge can be used with a frame incorporating a door stop with the door leaf repositioned to suit. This allows for the door leaf to be set back within the frame partition thickness. A further half mortice design option provides for an extended throw facility if required.

Anti-Ligature FMF01.MD - Full Mortice Flanged Continuous Hinge

Hospital type cap ends are sloped, making cleaning easier and making it difficult to attach ropes, clothing apparel and other items, thus reducing the risk of self harm. The hinge is prepared with a 45 degree slope to the hinge cap.

How to Specify or Order

FMF01.MD - Full Mortice Flanged Continuous Hinge (@2100mm & 2159MM)*
FF02.MD - Full Surface Continuous Hinge (@2100mm & 2159MM)*
HMS01.MD - Half Mortice (Safety) Continuous Hinge (@2100mm & 2159MM)*
Anti-Ligature FMF01.MD - Full Mortice Flanged Continuous Hinge (@2100mm & 2159MM)*

* nominate an alternative length if necessary. Hinges can be cut on site to suit door height.


C - Clear Coated Anodized Aluminium
D - Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminium

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