DAP-3 Double Action Pivot

Product Code: DAP-3
DAP-3 Double Action Pivot
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DAP-3 Double Action Pivot

Emergency Rescue Hardware Set - Application

The Emergency Rescue Hardware Set can be used on any internal door designed for double action operation, with a maximum weight of 65 kilos – dictated by the jamb mounted pivot set.

The Building Regulations Part M – Access To & Use of Buildings M1/M3 Buildings other than dwellings. Section 5 – Sanitary accommodation in buildings other than dwellings.

The above mentioned section of Approved Document M includes design considerations and provisions to address the issues mentioned in the introduction. Specifically: “5.4 e. WC compartment doors, and doors to wheelchair-accessible unisex toilets, changing rooms or shower rooms have an emergency release mechanism so that they are capable of being opened outwards, from the outside, in case of emergency.”

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty pivot assembly for commercial double acting interior doors of average frequency use, weighing up to 65 kilos and not exceeding 915mm width
  • For 35mm and 44mm thick doors
  • Header plate has a walking beam design to simplify door installation
  • Extra heavy 6.35 mm thick solid brass frame plates
  • Oil impregnated bronze bearing in top door plate
  • Smooth acting ball bearing assembly in bottom door plate
  • For door undercuts in 1.6mm increments from 19mm to 25mm
  • Bottom bracket is frame mounted and must be floor supported
  • The recommended positioning of the door is to inset it 3.2mm from the bathroom face of the frame

The DAP-3 is a heavy duty jamb mounted centre pivot designed specifically for use as a component part of the emergency rescue hardware set although the pivot will work equally well in all commercial applications.

Default Specification

  • Pivot point 31.8mm from jamb
  • Header plate (brass) 124mm x 22mm x 6.4mm
  • Top door plate (malleable iron) 111mm x 25.4mm x 6.4mm
  • Bottom jamb bracket (brass) 76mm x 32mm x 6.4mm
  • Bottom door plate (malleable iron) 111mm x 25.4mm x 6.4mm

How to Specify or Order

DAP-3 Double Action Pivot Set


US26D - Satin Chrome
US3 - Polished Brass


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