7212 - 19mm Offset Pivot Set

Product Code: 7212
7212 - 19mm Offset Pivot Set
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7212 - 19mm Offset Pivot Set

High strength brass forgings for non-rated doors combined with precision bearings for smooth operation. Stainless steel machine screws and wood screws standard. Positive locking vertical adjustment mechanism allows the installer to precisely position the door and balance the load.

  • Handed
  • Top, header mount
  • Bottom, jamb mount
  • Use with 19mm minimum door thickness, with 3mm bevel in 50mm
  • Maximum door load 90 kilos
  • Vertical adjustment range 5mm, with positive locking

Optional 7212-7212V-7222 Intermediate Pivot (handed) for each additional 45 kilos or doors over 2134mm.

How to Specify or Order

7212 19mm Offset Pivot Set

7212-7212V-7222 Intermediate Pivot


Plated Finishes brass
US Number US3 US4 US10 US10B US26 US26D
BHMA Number 605 606 612 613 625 626

Painted Finishes brass
US Number SP4 SP10 SP28 SP313 SPBLK
BHMA Number 706 691 689 695 622

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