2060 Series Spring & Companion Hinge

Product Code: 2060R & 2060C
2060 Series Spring & Companion Hinge
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2060 Series Spring & Companion Hinge

The door size & weight, type of hinge, type of latch, type of smoke seal, door perimeter gaps and air pressure within a building all contribute to the closing action of a door. The specification should be considered as an entire solution and not as individual component parts.

Use spring hinges on internal doors only. Do not specify Relcross spring hinges to control external or perimeter doors.We always recommend using a minimum of three hinges on any door. Occasionally it may be possible to substitute one or two spring hinges with a corresponding number of companion hinges (i.e. un-sprung hinges) of the same size to reduce the overall cost.

Companion hinges are effectively spring hinges with the spring and ratchet mechanism removed.

Important Note. We do not offer the 2060R hinges as an alternative to conventional door closing devices per se.We recommend, wherever possible, using devices offering door control throughout the opening and closing cycles, including a back-check feature as standard.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick to Install - Saves on installation costs compared with conventional overhead door closers
  • Lifetime Warranty - Years of trouble free closing
  • Patented, Dependable Ratchet Adjustment - Fast, one-handed hex key adjustment
  • Advanced Spring Design - Square section spring for 25% extra power
  • Bearings - No metal-to-metal contact
  • Safety Locking Screw - Locks the tension spring setting and seals the hinge tip
  • Un-sprung Companion Hinges - Offer cost savings where conditions allow
  • ‘Grabber’ Pintle - No spring kink

Standard Specification

Full Mortice Template Drilled

89mm x 89mm
102mm x 102mm

Gauge of Metal 2.5mm

US26D Satin Chrome
US26 Polished Chrome
US3 Polished Brass

Optional Specification (Heavy Duty Spring Hinges)

Full Mortice Template Drilled

114mm x 102mm
114mm x 114mm

Gauge of Metal 3.4mm

US26D Satin Chrome
US26 Polished Chrome
US3 Polished Brass

Ratchet Settings

All spring hinges fixed to the same leaf must be adjusted to the same setting. The actual setting is determined by prevailing conditions. To ensure correct installation the door must close and latch from any angle between 90º and 15º from closed.

                Spring Hinge Adjustment

  • To Increase Torque  • Close door • Engage 5/32" hex wrench • Rotate clockwise to increase torque • Do not exceed 6 ratchet “clicks”
  • To Decrease Torque • Close door • Engage 5/32" hex wrench • Depress wrench to disengage ratchet • Let wrench rotate counter-clockwise to new setting • Allow wrench to rise
  • Install Locking Safety Screw  • Install 6-32 5/8" recessed head machine screw packed with hinge

How to Specify or Order

See 2060R & 2060C Series - Correct Specification (Data Sheet 2)


US26D - Satin Chrome
US26 - Polished Chrome
US3 - Polished Brass


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