CB1960R Series Hinge

Product Code: CB1960R 102/76mm, 102/89mm, 102/102mm &114/102mm
CB1960R Series Hinge
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CB1960R Series Hinge

Choosing a Suitable Bearing Surface

A combination of the mass of the door and its frequency of use will determine whether the hinge you choose is from our Heavy Weight or Standard Weight options.

The Heavy Weight and Standard Weight options comprise hinges with anti-friction bearings exclusively. Heavy weight hinges should be used always on heavy doors and doors where high frequency service is expected.

The CB Series - Three knuckle CB series concealed bearing hinges are our top of the range architectural solution. Built around a proven two-piece concealed bearing system that never needs maintenance, the CB bearing provides both lateral and vertical support.

Class Code

CB1960R - Concealed Bearing (Standard Weight) - Grade 13

  • CE-EC Certificate of Conformity - 1720-CPD-0020
  • Certifire Approved
  • Manufacturing Facility
    ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certified
  • Limited Warranty -
    for the life of the building

LifeSpan - Lifetime Warranty

  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Available options -

  • HT - Hospital Tip
  • NRP - Non-removable Pin
  • RD - Radius Corners (16mm standard)
  • SEC - Security Stud (15mm standard)

BS EN 1935:2002
Hinge Grade - 13
Number of Test Cycles - 200,000

Test Mass of Hinged Element - 120 kilos

Important Note:

The test mass element of 120 kilos must not be interpreted as the maximum recommended capacity of all hinges passing this test successfully. Similarly, the number of test cycles should not be interpreted as the maximum number of available cycles for doors incorporating this hinge. Under certain circumstances doors may exceed this figure significantly.

Template No. REL.E102 -

Please refer to the CB1960R Series - Templates (Data Sheet 2) on the next tab.

Sizes: 102mm x 76mm, 102mm x 89mm and 102mm x 102mm

Template No. REL.E114 -

Please refer to the CB1960R Series - Templates (Data Sheet 2) on the next tab.

Sizes: 114mm x 102mm only

Supplied Screws: Pozidriv wood screws - No.12 x 32mm (8 per hinge).
Box Quantity: 3 off singles per box (48 off singles per case).

How to Specify or Order

See CB1960R Series - Correct Specification (Data Sheet 1)


US3 - Polished Brass Plated Stainless Steel
US32 - Polished Stainless Steel
US32D - Satin Stainless Steel

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