CE Conductor Hinge

Product Code: CE-CB1960R & CE-CB1961R
CE Conductor Hinge
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CE Conductor Hinge

Conductor hinges (or concealed electric power transfer hinges) are load bearing and should be specified in strict accordance with the requirements of normal hinge specification processes. Once installed, the wires are impossible to detect since they are enclosed within the thickness of the hinge leaves and around the hinge pin within the barrel. This solution provides the tidiest and most straightforward solution to the power transfer problem.

Use in conjunction with companion hinges of the same size and specification.

CB1960R Standard Weight Companion Hinge

How to Specify or Order

CE-CB1960R – 114mm x 102mm (standard weight)
CE-CB1960R – 114mm x 114mm (standard weight)
CE-CB1961R – 114mm x 114mm (heavy weight)

Available with four wires (use suffix -54), six wires (use suffix -56) or eight wires (use suffix -58).


US32D – Satin Stainless Steel

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