LM Series Latch Monitor

Product Code: LML & LMS
LM Series Latch Monitor
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LM Series Latch Monitor

The LM Series is designed for reporting back to an alarm system to indicate that a door is latched, thereby reducing the possibility of false alarms. Can also be used to provide an initiate signal to model XDT delayed egress logic timers.

Product Features

  • Electronically verify mechanical latch and bolt positions
  • Detect and report that a door is actually latched or bolted, not just closed
  • Installs easily concealed behind existing hardware
  • Requires no jamb or strike plate modification
  • LMS-1 includes a single SPDT switch
  • LML-1 includes a single SPDT switch
  • LML-2 monitors a mortice latch and deadbolt separately and has two separate SPDT switches

Specification Data

Contact Rating: SPDT 2 Amp at 24V
Operating Temperature: -40 to +160F [-40 to +71C]
Warranty: MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement Warranty

How to Specify or Order

LML-1 - Latch Monitor
LML-2 - Latch Monitor w. Deadbolt
LMS-1 - Latch Monitor


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