PS0 Series - Continuously Rated Power Supply

Product Code: PS01, PS02, PS03, PS04, PS05, PS06, PS08, PS09, PS011 & ELPS0 (PS0.EL.N)
PS0 Series - Continuously Rated Power Supply
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PS0 Series - Continuously Rated Power Supply


All Relcross 12Vdc and 24Vdc power supplies are designed to meet the requirements of most security, fire and access control installations where battery back-up is essential.

Certificates of Conformity

Type 1 - PS01, PS02, PS05 & PS06
Type 2 - PS03, PS04, PS07, PS08 & PS09
Type 4 - PS0 EL.N

Features & Benefits

  • Continuously rated – The output current is continuously drawn from the power supply under specified conditions
  • Voltage regulated to correct output for battery charging – All power supplies will maintain an output voltage to within specified limits under varying conditions of input line and output load
  • Fire relay standard on all power supplies – Electrically locked doors on escape routes will ‘fail safe’ in emergency situations
  • Output is current regulated – If overloaded, output shuts down until cleared
  • Fused – Protects batteries (if fitted) from overload
  • Metal enclosure with 20mm conduit knockouts – For ease of installation

Case Dimensions

Please refer to the data sheets on the next tab.

Interfacing with Access Control Systems

All power supplies, when used with access controllers, switch power at the electrified lock when an authorized code, card, tag or fob is presented at the secure side of the door. Fail secure (FSE) locks require power to be switched on to release the lock. Fail safe (FS) locks require that power is switched off. Both functions are provided via an Entry Relay. Relcross will provide the correct entry relay to suit the access controller being used. However, if we are not providing the controller it is important that we know the output of the controller at the outset. 

Custom Power Options - EL (Electric Latch Retraction) Escape Hardware

Use only ELPS0 (PS0.EL.N) 24Vdc Power Supply (latches only) or ELPS0BB (PS0.EL.N.BB) 24Vdc Power Supply with battery back-up (all devices incorporating vertical rods).

Power supplies incorporate an Entry Relay to interface with any access control system. Details of the access control system will be required at the order stage.

Power Supply Enclosure Dimensions
ELPS0 (PS0.EL.N) - Enc. size 325mmH x 255mmW x 90mmD
ELPS0BB (PS0.EL.N.BB) - Enc. size 325mmH x 255mmW x 90mmD

How to Specify or Order

PS01-   12Vdc - 2.0 Amp Power Supply
PS02-   24Vdc - 1.0 Amp Power Supply
PS03-   12Vdc - 5.0 Amp Power Supply (Tall Case)
PS04-   24Vdc - 4.5 Amp Power Supply (Tall Case)
PS05-   12Vdc - 4.0 Amp Power Supply
PS06-   24Vdc - 2.0 Amp Power Supply
PS08-   24Vdc - 7.0 Amp Power Supply (Tall Case)
PS09-   12Vdc - 8.0 Amp Power Supply (Tall Case)

ELPS0 (PS0.EL.N) 24Vdc Power Supply
ELPS0BB (PS0.EL.N.BB) 24Vdc Power Supply with battery back-up 


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