RF Controlled Fob (Easy Access System)

RF Controlled Fob (Easy Access System)
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RF Controlled Fob (Easy Access System)


This radio frequency remote control switching device is designed for use in those many instances which can occur in the planning of an access control or security system where remote switching is desirable. The need for remote switching is many fold and could arise, for example, from one of the following situations:

Mobile Switching – Occasionally electromagnetic locks, securing gates or barriers, are switched from vehicles over distances of metres.

Barrier Free Switching – Some authorized users may be unable to access conventional switches and may prefer the convenience of a hand held fob (or transmitter).

Vandal Resistant Switching – The receiver can be concealed behind a plasterboard wall or similar and, as such, offers little or no opportunity for vandalism.

The EAS - Easy Access RF Package

EAS RF Key Fobs (Large Button & Small Button)

This is a two part system comprising the EAS radio receiver with an appropriate number of fobs.

Technical Specification

Technology : radio frequency
Transmitter frequency : 433.92 MHz
Max. detection distance : 25m (open field)
Supply voltage : 12V to 24V AC ±15%; 12V to 30V DC ±10%
Standard output : relay; COM, NO, NC; 42 V AC/DC; 1A; 30 W (DC) / 60 VA (AC)
Holdtime : 0.5s or 10s
Dimensions of receiver : 94mm (W) x 52mm (H) x 28mm (D)
Temperature range : -20°C to + 55°C (indoor use only!)
Length of cable : 2.5 m
Max. number of key fobs/transmitters : 10

Power Consumption

Receiver: standby 10 mA, active 50 mA
Key Fob SB/Transmitter: standby 1 GA, active 10 mA
Key Fob LB: standby 1 GA, active 14 mA


Receiver: 1 yellow LED: record; 1 red LED: output
Key Fob/Transmitter: 1 red LED: emission
Battery Key Fob: 12V alkaline type A23 – 33 mAh; Transmitter: 9 V alkaline – 500 mAh

How to Specify or Order

EAS RF Key Fob (Large Button)
EAS RF Key Fob (Small Button)
EAS RF Receiver


US32D - Satin Stainless Steel
ABS - Black (Surface Box)
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