2610 Series Auto Equalizer - Concealed (in Frame) Mounting

Product Code: 2613.US28 & 2614.US28
2610 Series Auto Equalizer - Concealed (in Frame) Mounting
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2610 Series Auto Equalizer - Concealed (in Frame) Mounting

The 2610 Auto Equalizer™ is LCN’s pneumatically powered Multi-Door solution. This low energy powered operator provides easy access for people with disabilities, the elderly, or the frail. Designed primarily for manual opening applications that occasionally require automatic opening.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-Door Solution
  • Utilizes a 10,000,000 Cycle Heavy Duty Door Closer
  • Quiet, Efficient & Reliable
  • Requires ACC Controller using auxiliary air supply (compressor)
  • Safety Products - Dictated by traffic profile

UK Fire Certification in accordance with BS EN 1634-1:2014 (timber) - 60 mins.
WFRC No. 142058 - Issue 4. Valid Until 1st December 2019


  • Ideal for multi-door applications since costs per door leaf decrease significantly as the number of door leaves increases.
  • Standard 2610 series closer shipped with single lever (standard) arm, mounting/finish plate, standard track and wood and machine screw pack.
  • Sized cylinders for interior doors to 1220mm and exterior doors to 915mm.
  • Handed for right or left swinging doors.
  • Requires additional system components.
  • Standard or optional custom powder coated finish.
  • Optional plated finish on arm, fasteners, and mounting/finish plate.
  • Concealed Mounting
  • For interior or exterior doors. Single acting cylinder in head frame.
  • Concealed arm and track in door top rail.
  • Maximum Opening - Butt hinge template allows 90° power opening and 160° manual opening.
  • Consult Relcross for all pivot mounted installations.
  • Butt Hinges should not exceed 127mm in width.
  • Auxiliary Stop is recommended.
  • Head Frame minimum 102mm x 102mm for hollow metalor aluminium tube construction.
  • Top Rail 35 mm mortice required. 8 mm cut-out required at the top of the door, push side only.    

Mounting Options & Arms

2610 Series - Concealed (in Frame) Mounting

Standard Arm - 2610-3077T
Handed arm. Track roller not included with arm.

Cylinder Only - 2610-3971
Standard, handed, cast iron cylinder.

Cylinder Assembly - 2610-3071
Standard, handed, cast iron cylinder and mounting plate.  

Standard Track, 2610-3038
Standard non-handed track. Will not accept hold open clip or bumper assembly.

Track Roller - 2610-3034
Quiet, low friction roller assembly. Shoulder dimension “X” = 3mm.

How to Specify or Order

2613 Concealed Auto Equalizer (Handed)
2614 Concealed Auto Equalizer (Handed)


US28 - Powder Coated Silver
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