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Shake Shack were familiar with Hadrian toilet cubicles in the USA and were delighted to find they were readily available in the UK with specifications adjusted to match UK requirements - check out the Elite No Sightline Solution here.…
The Ambassador Theatre Group is achieving consistent energy reductions and cost savings…
Oaks Restaurant & Bar, Nottingham, part of the PPHE Hotels Group provides washrooms with a difference. The 'cold storage' look includes full height 'freezer room' entrance doors (by others) and raw …
Hadrian Toilet Cubicles, recently installed in the ladies at the Epernay Champagne Bar, Manchester were chosen carefully to match the mood of the existing decor. When the bar was bought in 2014 by VCP Taverns a redecoration and upgrade was immediately implemented. While the tiles and walls in the ladies were in reasonable condition, needing no more than a little TLC, the cubicles had definitely seen better days and were certainly not meeting th…
Win, lose or draw, sports fans around the world are tough on washrooms. Not just because of the damage caused by vandalism but also because they present an operational maintenance challenge by their pattern of usage. Demand peaks prior to, after games and during intervals. Between matches the washrooms will be lightly used, if at all. …
5 posts in Washroom | Waterless including Falcon
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