Relcross Door Coordinators Gain CE Certification

22 September 2014

With effect from 1st September 2014 our range of CE certified door hardware expanded to include door coordinators (also known as door selectors).

CE Certified Door Coordinators

COR32 / COR 42 /COR 52

The CE mark is confirmation that this range of door coordinators is safe to use in fire and life safety situations, when specified correctly in association with other door and door hardware products.

CE Marking Explained

The CE mark is a legal declaration by a manufacturer that a product complies with one or more European single market directives or regulations. As a responsible distributor of door hardware products, Relcross Ltd is obliged to ensure that hardware supplied for use on fire and escape route doors is compliant.

The principal measure of relevance to doors and hardware is the:

Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR).

The CPR covers all construction products, but only if the product in question is covered by a 'harmonized' European standard. This includes currently external hinged door sets, industrial doors, garage doors and a number of hardware items intended for fire and emergency escape doors. From July 2013, manufacturers must apply the CE mark and issue a Declaration of Performance for each product. Certain standards are still to be published, including the standard for fire-resisting doors and CE marking of these products will start later.

In summary, any relevant product manufactured from 1st July 2013, which falls within the scope of a harmonized EN standard, must be CE marked.

Download DoPs (Declaration of Performance)

Coordinators (to EN1158)

COR32, COR42 & COR52 Series

Where to Use CE Certified Door Coordinators

COR Series Bar Coordinators

COR series coordinators are designed for use on pairs of single action doors where leaves must close in the correct order. This type of door arrangement is often referred to as a rebated pair of doors. The rebate can be part of the construction of the door or it may be an add-on rebate such as an Astragal.

Rebated Pair & Overlapping Astragal

Coordinators should be specified for use on all rebated pairs of doors where door closers are controlling both leaves and where it is possible to open either leaf independently or both leaves simultaneously. Doors of this type, not controlled with coordinators, have the potential to close in the incorrect order, leaving one door slightly ajar and (usually) both doors insecure (i.e. unlocked). In particular, exterior (or perimeter) doors fitted with escape hardware are vulnerable if they double as access control doors and are necessarily equipped with door closers*.

* Doors fitted with surface overhead door closers and escape hardware require special attention ensuring these two types of hardware do not clash or impede one another in their normal operation. Door coordinator mounting brackets are available to ensure door closer shoes and escape hardware top latch strikes are accommodated.

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Relcross Door Controls and Escape Hardware

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