CE Marking & DoP

20 February 2014

The CE mark is a legal declaration by a manufacturer that a product complies with one or more European single market directives or regulations.

There are some two dozen of these, ranging from medical devices to toys. Products displaying the CE mark must be accepted on the market in all European countries (although national governments retain the ability to regulate how the products are used).

The principal measures of relevance to doors and hardware are the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR) and the Machinery Directive 2006 (MD):

  • The CPR covers all construction products, but only if the product in question is covered by a “harmonised” European standard. At the moment, this includes external hinged doorsets, industrial doors, garage doors and a number of hardware items intended for fire and emergency escape doors. From July 2013, manufacturers must apply the CE marking and issue a Declaration of Performance for each product. Certain standards are still to be published, including the standard for fire-resisting doors, and CE marking of these products will start later.
  • The MD covers only machines with a motor of some kind and this includes all powered doors and gates. Since the mid-1990s manufacturers of such products have been obliged to apply the CE marking and issue a Declaration of Conformity.

The CE mark provides evidence that a product meets relevant safety requirements and, in the case of the CPR, environmental protection requirements in addition.

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