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HD-EL33A-EO.915.US28 Electric Latch Retraction Rim Exit Device

HD-EL33A-EO.915.US28 Electric Latch Retraction Rim Exit Device | Image 1
MPN: HD-EL33A-EO.915.US28
Finishes: US28 Anodized Aluminium
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HD-EL33A-EO.915.US28 Electric Latch Retraction Rim Exit Device

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Heavy Duty Electric Latch Retraction Rim Exit Device - (suits doors <915mm) Anodized Aluminium

The Quiet One®

A fluid dampener decelerates the touch bar on its return stroke and eliminates most noise associated with exit device operations. Furnished on all 33A Series Exit Devices

In accordance with BS EN 1125: 2008 Annexe A (informative) the device should be installed with the touch bar normally at a height between 900mm and 1100mm from the finished floor level when the door is in the secure position. Where it is known that the majority of the occupants of the premises will be young children, it is acceptable to reduce the fixing height accordingly.

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  • Device Functions - Ships ready for functions; EO,DT, NL, L, L-BE, & T Universal - Non-handed, suits LH & RH doors
  • Device Lengths - This device suits doors to 915mm, optional device suits doors to 1220mm
  • Finishes - US28 (628) Anodized Aluminium. Alternative plated finishes are available to special order (consult Relcross for details)
  • Strikes - Ships with standard 299 roller strike, optional strikes are available to suit alternative frame details (consult Relcross for details).299 Standard Roller Strike with 21mm projection, used with conventional frames where the door stile width >121mm permits the necessary back set.1609 Optional Strike used on doors with flush frames or fixed to the inactive (or first closing) leaf of a rebated pair of doors.
  • Dogging Feature - Hex Key Dogging keeps the latch bolt held back for free swinging operation. Options available to special order - CD Cylinder Dogging & LD Less Dogging
  • Fasteners - Includes fixings for both metal and timber doors 19mm 425 for bolt through fixings
  • Latch Bolt - Easy action friction free deadlocking latches cannot be depressed from the outside - with 19mm throw

Electric Options -

  • LX Latchbolt Monitor Switch
  • RX Touch Bar Monitor Switch
  • RX2 Double Touch Bar Monitor Switch (RX2 feature uses two RX switches)
  • ALK Alarm Exit Kit
  • EL Electric Latch Retraction

    The EL feature allows for the remote unlatching of exit devices. A control station operator can flip a switch to retract the latch bolt and immediately change an exit door to push-pull operation. A powerful, continuous duty solenoid retracts the latch bolt, either for momentary unlatching, or for extended periods of time. The EL feature is an alternative to manual dogging.

    If manual hex-key dogging is required, specify HD-EL. If cylinder dogging is required, the standard cylinder dogging is not available, but special centre case dogging is available, specify SD-EL.

    EL devices are also useful with automatic door operators and may be applied to fire-rated applications when under the control of an automatic fire alarm system.

    The EL option does not include the power transfer from door to frame, the power supply, or the control operator. Refer to EPT-2 power transfer and the PS0.ELBB - 24Vdc Power Supply/Fire Relay (PSU) w. Battery Back-Up.

    Solenoid Specifications:

    • Continuous Duty – 24 VDC
    • Current Inrush – 16 Amps
    • Current Holding – 0.3 Amps

    Solenoid Resistance:

    • grn-yel 1.2 – 2 OHMS
    • grn-org 106 – 150 OHMS

    Standard Hex Key Dogging - Use prefix HD-EL, example HD-EL33L.
    Special Centre Case Dogging  - Use prefix SD-EL, example SD-EL33L

  • PN Pneumatic Latch Retraction

Optional Trim (for Outside Access)

add suffix -

DT - Dummy Trim
EO - Exit Only
L - Lever
L-BE - Lever (Blank Escutcheon)
NL - Night Latch
NL-OP - Night Latch (Optional Pull Required)
TP - Thumbturn

Von Duprin | 33A Series Standard Trim | relcross door controls®   

UK Fire Certification in accordance with EN 1634-1:2000 (timber)
WFRC No. C132276 120mins, BS EN 1125: 2008


Von Duprin 33A/35A Series Exit Hardware

Best suited to heavy duty situations on narrow stile perimeter and internal doors where safe egress in panic emergency situations is a requirement.

This range of architectural grade escape devices includes the 35A Series with its smooth mechanism case and the established 33A Series with its familiar grooved design. The two styles are mechanically and dimensionally identical and provide a solution specifically for narrow stile applications down to 44mm.

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